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Housing is great and affordable, makes you happy and the area isn't so bad but can get worked on.
The community is nice and has good intentions but hasn't shown them yet.
it's safe and the crime is alright it can be improved.
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It's okay not so bad and it hasn't changed much since I have been out here.
One park, Central Park, is pretty nice. Then there are the neighborhood parks that have been completely neglected and there is graffiti everywhere. Farther out in Rotterdam they have more wildlife and trees, but in the closer proximity there is not a lot to see.
Mont Pleasant used to be nice. When my mom bought our house about 12 years ago it was a lot nicer. Many of the residents who owned their houses for a long time moved out because of declining property values and irresponsible landlords letting anyone who would pay rent into their apartments. Violence and drug activity increased, and foreclosure plagued the area.
I love the weather around here. It gets pretty hot in the summer, usually hovering in the 80's, which is perfect for outdoor activities and swimming. I love the Spring and Fall, they are the perfect temperatures with jackets and beautiful sights. Winter there is snow and its cold, which I love. I love how each season is very different, and there's a distinct change in the weather during each of them.
We have a lot oh chains in the area, some authentic places. Most people in this are just go downtown if they want something truly delicious.
I say it is just okay not because of the lack of jobs but the conditions. Downtown Schenectady has now many jobs and technological companies moving in. But for the other side, we have Wal-Mart in Rotterdam, and a bunch of smaller places to work. I had worked at Moe's during highschool to pay for some of my college education, and I know that everyone that worked in that plaza was disgruntled over their low wages. We need some family companies that respect their workers to come in, like Hobby Lobby, or Kroger. I have done much research on the companies that really make their employees feel appreciated, and it goes a long way.
The local businesses in that area, Mont Pleasant, are pretty worn down. They need inside and outside renovations, and I think it would attract a lot more people. Just over the bridge we have a Hannaford Plaza of Rotterdam, and everything in that plaza is older and the plaza owner needs to invest in his property. The plaza has lost Fashion Bug, Hallmark, Hollywood Video, Papa Johns, Scarboroughs, and other tenants. This whole are from Schenectady to Rotterdam needs a face lift.