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True to most shopping districts, Mission Valley is a great place to shop, hang around, and of course purchase property for the ever increasing real estate market in this locatin. There are not many places to venture off for a night out in town but at the same time it is pretty quiet for the most part which is always a good thing. Tons of food and it being essentially the center of San Diego you can travel anywhere in a matter of a couple of minutes. Mission Valley overall is a great place to live.
I love Mission Valley because it's in the middle and you have easy access to all the freeways and highways.
Mission Valley is a great area that has a little bit of everything, from grocery stores, malls, car dealerships, and restaurants, to beautiful apartment homes and hotels.
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Mission Valley is a good place to live as long as you can afford it. The apartment complex I live might have great amenities and look pretty, but car break-ins, people running through stop signs, speeding, and accidents are a regular thing. The city itself looks very appealing, has excellent shopping centers and is close enough to downtown San Diego and the beaches without having to live there. A double income is a must in order to afford living here though.
Family friendly, lots of things to do, MTS Hub, Stadium and events happen here quite a bit. Unfortunately the homeless problem is just that, a problem.
My experience is the Mission Valley area has only been for about 4 years but it has definitely been a convinient one since everything is close by. From my current school to the grocery store and not to mention the highway which allows me to get to places quicker. I'd like to see the Mission Valley area expand in terms of real estate and building more residential areas for the people.
Mission Valley is a fantastic place for the middle-class family to settle down in. With its close proximity to major shopping areas and malls, mission valley makes a great place to locate to. Less than a 5-minute drive to wholesale stores like Costco and IKEA, just past that are 2 large malls containing top name brands from your favorite companies. Mission Valley is considered to be the heart of San Diego, with it only be 15 minutes from the beach and right in the center of all the action down here in sunny San Diego. Come take a look and see what’s going on, once you visit, you won’t want to leave.
mission valley is a great place to live for the single, coupled or newly wed starting a family. there are many apartment complexes in this location, with most pretty up to date and renovated units. there are many restaurants, eateries, and shopping centers that are easy to get to. Mission Valley is very up and coming. New developments might cause some traffic in the area, but nonetheless you really are paying for location. You are 10 mins from downtown, 5 minutes from the beach, everything is easy to get to.
Everything all in one place! From great restaurants to high end shopping! Unfortunately this also means it is a high traffic area.
The atmosphere is nice and friendly, the site is beautiful it is a standard southern California community. The weather is always nice and traffic is minimal.
Great area for shopping and restaurants! Gordon Biersch Brewery has outdoor games, beer garden and of course great beer!!!
Excellent place to live that's just 10 mins to all over San Diego. Very central and commercialized with all the necessities one could ask for.
Mission Valley is perfectly in the middle of everything fun in San Diego. The beach is about 10 minutes away, downtown is 10 minutes in the other direction, and two malls are right in your location. It's beautiful weather and a very fun place to be. While it does lack in the cultural aspect, Mission Valley is still a great place to be none-the-less.
Mission Valley is about 15 minutes from downtown and the beaches. It is home to the Chargers Stadium for those that are football fans. It feels like a very centrally located area of San Diego which is very nice because there are plenty of restaurants and places to shop. Also conveniently located about 15 minutes from the San Diego International Airport.
I am new to Mission Valley, California. I have only lived here 3 months and I have to admit after living in Virginia for the last 10 years and Boston, MA 7 years before that; this is hands down the best place I have ever lived. Aside from the numerous places to shop and relax, Mission Valley offers a relaxing atmosphere where the people are just as nice as the places you can say. If you are new, small family, large family, this is definitely the place for you to reside.
Mission Valley was the first city I lived in San Diego. It's a safe city, family oriented, well located near public transportation and nearby Qualcomm Stadium and Costco supermarket. Also Mission Valley Mall is an upscale place to shop with awesome cinemas and easy parking. One downside Mission Valley does not have a good nightlife for young couple or singles. Its very safe town to live though.
love Mission Valley, great place for young couples, and families, as well as to retire.
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Mall has a lot of theft and there is alot of places to hide if needed.
Centrally located to all freeways, malls, businesses, restaurants, downtown and balboa park. I've grown up in that area since I was 7 years old and went to elementary and middle school around there. Now that I am 23 years old I moved out and chose to live in the same area just down the street from my parents home.
There is frequent vehicle break-ins and petty theft from vehicles.