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Lots of break in and shootings.
This area. Has became worse throughout the years more crime.
I have never had any trouble with crime or safety while living here for the past several years. It is a very safe area.
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I've lived in suburbs all my life, but this neighborhood is especially close to several Asian supermarket communities around the area which is very convenient and nice.
This is one of the most top rated places in the country. Not only does it have top rated schools but it is also one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.
You don't hear people getting shot, but the cops are taking care of business when things happen
The place is nothing extravagant but safe to live in
The outside view is very neat and is kept clean and groomed.
Overall I love living where I am. I feel at home.
The safety inside the neighborhood is pretty safe. We havnt had any problems with safety but the crime rate around our neighborhood is higher.
Overall, I would rate the city of Plano as very safe. I can see that police cars pretty much every day and am not afraid to go out at night. However, the apartment complex in which I live is located very close to major highways and I have seen the aftermath of a car break in that my unfortunate neighbor had to go through. Needless to say, it has made me more aware of taking everything out of my car when I leave.
I have lived in this area for almost 4 years now. I used to live here when I lived with my parents and in 2014 I moved into an apartment by myself. I love the area. I'm super close to pretty much everything you can think of: great restaurants and fast food if I'm ever working late. I've literally got about 10 different places to choose to eat that wouldn't take me longer than 10 minutes to get to. There are 3 malls close to where I live. There are also plenty of theatres to choose. I feel like the overall quality of activities to do in the area are great to choose from. I know that they are planning on renovating the Willowbend mall and I can see that really improving the quality of night life in the area. I've also heard rumors that Plano is building it's a wine tasting bar, which sounds like fun!
There's is very little to no crime in my area that I know of.
I like that this area is within 30 minutes of pretty much everything. There isn't a lot of places like this so I'm happy we moved here.
I am close to Addison and they have some big multinational companies located in the area. Although quite a few people may hold white collar jobs there are quite a few that also hold blue collar jobs.
It has the basics you will need. A couple of nice restaurants like P.F changs and Olive garden. The grocery store is very conveniently located and so are multiple gas stations. I like the frozen yogurt place right round the corner. The galleria mall is also very close and so is whole foods and AMC movie theater. I can get whatever I need for the most part.
The police and fire stations are very responsive. Local libraries are clean, well-stocked, and hold programs that people actually attend.
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There are often break-ins when cars are parked outside, and there are occasional burglaries/robberies of houses/stores in the area. However, police are always around and are a visible presence in the area, and as a female, I generally feel safer being out in the local area at night than I do in some of the surrounding towns in the metroplex.
The weather here is very unpredictable, with "seasons" that each include a 60 degree temperature range.
If you don't want chain food, there's lots of great international cuisine options at local (non-chain) restaurants. I like one Turkish restaurant, Pera, a lot.
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