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Somewhat frequent crime but everyone is kept notified and safety forces respond quickly.
Incredible weather; accessibility; city of gastronomy; unique, independent businesses; diverse culture.
The housing is ok, there are not much repairs if any that are accomplished at the residence but other than that it is ok.
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The area in which I live is ok, because there are a few neighbors who are not so kind and I just want me and my family to be away from them but other than that it is ok.
I say that it is bad because of the neighbor, before hand it was not that bad. There were some neighbors to be concerned about but nothing really bad until these new neighbors moved in and now we want to move out.
The area I live in is not that bad, its the neighbors that are the concern. I have had my mailbox destroyed, my cable stolen, my tire slashed, my property abused, etc..., neighborhood would be the best if it wasn't for certain neighbors which I am waiting for them to leave or my family to leave
Just like every place in the United States, there is crime that happens around Tucson. However, it does seem to be gradually improving. There are always police seen around the main and residential streets, so I always feel safe and confident if/when I need their assistance.
Depending on the location you're in while in Tucson, it can either be very nice or not nice at all. The types of people around Tucson differ from one person to the next, and it really depends on where in Tucson you are. Aside from negativity seen in certain areas, there are great people, amazing doctoral offices, and the scenery is gorgeous.
Twenty years ago this town was smaller, more liberal, more creative and diverse. Since then, too much development, too much influx from other states (Californication) and destruction of natural resources. Schools are a disaster due to draconian politics and budget cuts by the state legislature and ultraconservative politics, including charters and privatization. Treatment of Latinos/Latinas and Hispanics has been horrible. Cuts in budget and taxes means crumbling infrastructure; ineffective city government run by developers with no citizen oversight.
In my complex it is really safe around it I am skeptical.
If you love hiking, and being outside, there are several opportunities year round for anyone to participate in. People come her from all over just to go hiking and experience the desert.
The housing is diverse, and you can find a house that best matches you and your living situation. There are houses of all sizes with yards of all sizes.
The reason the neighborhood watch has become so active is because of the amount of crime that happens in this area. My home has personally been broken into in the past year.
Tucson doesn't experience all four seasons, but that is good for tourists, retirees and people who want to be warm in the winter time. But when it is hot, it is really hot, and can be very dangerous. Always wear sunscreen, and sunglasses. Swimming is a popular activity. Rain is a frequent thing especially in the summer time.
No matter what you are craving, at any time, you can find what you're looking for. Most of the time it will be good quality as well.
If you work as a doctor or engineer, you can make a good amount of money, but a majority of the population works at dead end jobs that are slightly over minimum wage.
If you're looking for something, you can find it without a problem, but the service and the neighborhood isn't the greatest.