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The plaza itself is a great place to eat some food and walk around some nice areas. The shopping isnt bad and its fun to do every once in a while. some of the surrounding areas can be a little more shady than what would be liked for me.
The midtown area is an old town feel with lots of history and plenty of places to wet your whistle and dine from the local guys to the chains.
Kelly's Tavern has been around over l00 years and opens early am!
The historic Plaza area is more ornate, a bit classier and the architecture is Spanish persuasion. Westport is more like hanging with your friends and the Plaza is more like date night. Both are charming and fun.
The Midtown Plaza is full of diverse shopping and dining--green space--fountains! I would like to see more live entertainment in the Midtown Plaza!
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In the area I'm living now it's not the best. There are always police sirens going on around my apartment. Other parts of the city I'm sure are not too bad.
It's difficult for someone under the age of 21 to be able to meet people without having to enroll in school.
The police have been very present and kind when in the area.
There are probably more positive and convenient areas in KC to live.
I always feel safe with the campus police office across the street from me. There are emergency call stations throughout the UMKC campus and I feel very safe. There are a few cases of people getting robbed in the parking garage though.
I love being so close to my classes, but I love right next to a very poor area of town and I would not recommend walking around at night. Other than that, I feel safe with the campus police patrolling regularly and I love being close to the plaza and shopping.
It is never an issue.
Coleman Highlands is a beautiful and diverse place. I loved it growing up and I still love going back.
The area is pretty safe and the people around are nice from what I can gather. There haven't been any crimes that I know of or any dealing with the police that I have witnessed.
This area has everything I love about the city.
I live in a walkable neighborhood a block from the best park, dozens of local restaurants. It's in the center of everything yet still quiet. Comparable to living next to Central Park - but incredibly affordable. We would live in this neighborhood again and again.
There are areas of very poor housing next to areas of very good housing. It all depends on where you can afford to live.
The immediate are where I live does not feel unsafe, but I do not feel totally safe either. I feel unsafe in some areas nearby.
The campus community is okay; the administration tries to have events in the dorms to bring people together.
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It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer; the fall and spring can be very up and down.
The food in Kansas City is incredible; there are many places to go with lots of unique flavors.
The Plaza is extremely close; it is a bit pricey and upscale, but very nice.