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There have been a lot of police activity in the neighboring Wal-mart and in our street before due to theft or robbery.
The neighborhood is beautiful and it has clean and well organized place. The neighbors are very nice and quiet and welcoming. There are a lot of convenient store and shopping malls not too far away. Restaurants are great and commuting around the metroplex isn't bad.
The unity here is amazing.
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There isnt much of a need for the police but when there is they are around
I personally love the area and the people!
I pay around $850 a month and it's pricey, but certainly worth it. The apartment complex is the best rated in the 75287 zip code and I'm glad I decided to stay here. The area is pretty safe, considering the diversity of families, and students living in the area. There are a lot fast food options in the area, and some hole-in-the-wall places that should be checked out. I honestly can't complain.
The apartments I live in are okay better than my old one
the grocery store is like two minutes away from my house so super convenient
It doesn't get too bad where I live
I feel pretty safe where I live
the dallas mavericks are very popular
There are several job opportunities if you really look
I would probably not choose to live at these apartments
I would pick the Dallas/Fort Worth area over any other city because its so mellow. It isn't too fast or too slow it is just the right pace for me. There is just enough to do and see, on a scale of 1 to 10, I rank this area a 8.5. The only thing I would change is more police enforement.
The weather is a huge issue for Texas, in the summer it is painfully hot. The winter isn't as bad, but the occasional ice storm usually shuts the city down. The most essential item you should have in Texas would be a hat and sunglasses.
We have your average major businesses such as Wal-Mart, Target, McDonald's etc, but there are small eateries and clothing boutiques that are populated just as frequently as the major chain stores.
There is some form of crime in every neighborhood. My neighbors are very involved in making our neighborhood safe and keeping the police involved.
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The area surrouding my community has a number of jobs listing. There seems to be a great of job listing for a variety of employments opportunties from working as a cashier Target to working as a underwriter at Bank of America Mortgage.
I live in a friendly neighborhood where people walk their pets, exercise, have pot lucks and look out for each other which is both a positive and a negative. My mom often complain about how nosey the neighbors are and how too involved they are in other affairs.
Like anywhere, obesity is a common issue.