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I lived in Mayfair for the first sixteen years of my life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. My family and I loved Mayfair and knew so many people that lived there. As I grew older, the neighborhood began to change. I experienced some scary situations as a kid who loved hanging out around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Mayfair changed to the point where my family decided to move to the suburbs. I will always love Mayfair, but I am relieved to not live there still due to the changes.
Very low crime, most residents are friendly and own their homes but I have found it to be a pretty conservative area! Schools are fair but there are plenty of businesses within walking distance to eat and shop.
I've lived in Mayfair since I was a kid and it used to be great. It used to be a kid and family friendly place and now its changed. People are way different now and there are constant shootouts and tons of drug use. I don't always feel safe walking around anymore and because of the kind of people walking around in the neighborhood. I've felt threatened many times because of the people who drive around and let themselves out there. I'm older now but I'm still afraid of the men who wonder around in their vehicles calling me smiling or the men who sit on their steps and hollering at me as I walk to certain places. Mayfair changed, and the change wasn't great.
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I have been connected to the Mayfair area for more then 45 years and I cannot say with a straight face that the area is holding up. Crime is happening like never before and the properties are breaking down with no repair. Certain streets are not even safe to enter after dark. The prior local government reps did everything in their power to bring down the value and won. I just don't see it getting any better over the next ten years or more. One business after another is shutting down and there are no rentals behind them. Many properties are converting the storefronts into apartments just to get some rental income.
I have lived in Mayfair for about 14 years, the people are usually friendly, just some places there are people who are not so great. Mayfair is filled with people with different backgrounds and its great, it helps everyone improve there social skill with different people.
I have lived in Mayfair for all seventeen years of my life. Because it is where my parents chose to settle down, I don't have a choice in this situation. When I am older, hopefully I will be able to afford living in a different neighborhood. I often feel unsafe walking alone, especially at night. The other teenagers in this area are rude and don't focus on their education. However, with the Frankford Transportation Center fairly close, it is pretty easy to commute from Mayfair to other areas of the city, especially Center City which is helpful. The area seems to have worsened over the years and I am not sure why.
Mayfair residents take pride in their neighborhood and it shows. It is very community-oriented and close to New Jersey and Center City Philadelphia.
I've recently moved up Mayfair about 3 years ago and it's still an adjusting experience. Most of the time it's quiet and the neighborhood is not that diverse but other than that, it's pretty good to live here.
Living in Mayfair since i was born, the sense of community is exceptionally strong and present. The community as a whole is very committed to understanding one another.
It's diverse, a lot of programs for the youth, thriving businesses. Nice neighbors and neighborhood. Nice parks and places to eat. Nice YMCA and shopping. Not much violence. I feel safe and confident here.
More sculptures and art murals. Also better places to eat. This section is pretty quiet and neighbors are always friendly.
I like that it's a safe and convenient area. There are schools, food, shopping and transportation readily accessible, which is really important especially for families. I moved to Mayfair 15 years ago and although things have changed since then, I still really enjoy it here.
It's an okay neighborhood but I feel like it's been getting worse and worse over the years. Has some very nice parks nearby like the Pennypack Park and the Sandyford Park though.
I have lived in Mayfair my whole life and I can not really complain about it. While soon, my parents will relocate to the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, that is more to do with wanting a bigger house than with the Mayfair Neighborhood. i always like playing outside with my friends and brothers when I was younger and it seems like the neighborhood is a decent place to raise children, there are many young families that live in my area.
I love living in the Mayfair area, it's a very calm friendly area. Everyone greets each other and its a very great area to raise children. I would like to see more activities for families in this area, in order to have children and families come out more often and to help improve our health. Normally people would go out for the parades and sometimes a fair here and there but more family entertainment is needed.
Family friendly environment that is convenient for those who love the city life but also like to visit the suburbs every once in a while. I would like to see improvement in our public school education system as there seems to be not enough extra curricular activities for the students.
I like the variety of shops on Frankford. I enjoy walking around the neighborhood. I would like to see better treatment of the environment, though. There was a lot of trash on the floor.
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I have lived in this neighborhood well over 10 years and it seems to be going down hill due to the kids in this neighborhood, not all just some. They are not well behaved and are very disrespectful. A recent incident happened as the kids from Austin Meehan (a middle school) , were jumping all over peoples cars, coming on peoples property and throw and destroying things, and being very confrontational.
Still living in the house that my mother grew up in, you learn a lot about the area. Although i am only 19 years old I know everything there is to this area. I love mayfair. I went to St. Matthews school which is a catholic grade school right in the heart of mayfair and grew up being friends with the public school kids and never had a problem. I attended New foundations High school which is not in Mfr, but a lot of the kids were. The nightlife in Mfr is not only toward the adults with bars and clubs along Frankford Ave, but the kids have a few places such as Skating ring and Pennypack park concerts for families. Many shops around so there are many opportunities for jobs. Most of the people who live in Mfr has lived here all their life and I know many, myself included, who want to stay here.
A nice area that contains for the most part middle-class families. There are a few lower-class families who rent houses and move homes yearly. The neighbor is safe and a good affordable place raise a family.