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MIT is an amazing school and a truly beautiful campus. They really work with their students in order to make sure nobody ever falls behind. They are an impressive school that I will be considering.
The campus police are excellent and they promise to respond quickly, though I don't have experience calling them. The area around the MIT campus is always well lit and there are few "run down" areas, although moving north of campus the streets feel less safe at night.
It feels very urban and is hard to find "quiet". Otherwise it is a very safe and fun area! I would choose to live here again. There are a lot of college students and local businesses, and I think that culture will remain the same in the future.
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Living in Cambridge is great because it is right near Boston and there are many colleges so it has a "young" feel despite all of the history of the place.
I found the area very safe and never felt uncomfortable walking alone at night.
I loved being close to school and other schools with lots of students, close to lots of biotech companies, near lots of shopping and restaurants.
I think it is better than the average US social lifestyle, but still can be improved.
Nothing to complain about. The taxes are reasonable.
College police are very active on campuses.
Very competitive due to large number of schools.
Nice shopping in the Boston area!
The winter's are extremely miserable :(
Expensive since it's near a college :(
There are quite a few employers.
Any type of food you want, you can find within 1 mile
Great hospitals, including MGH, are nearby. I always see a lot of people exercising, but there's also a lot of drug use
The police and fire stations are within 1/2 mile, and MGH is one mile away. I don't know very much about the state and local-level representatives.
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The population is very disjointed with college students, elderly people, young professionals, and the impoverished all living near each other. I wouldn't say there's much community between these groups
I have a biology background, and Cambridge MA is a rapidly growing biotech hub
Nice area sounded by gentrified neighborhoods. Other than petty theft and occasional vandalism, no crime.