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public service is I would say average to better but I believe our fire department has the best response time
the weather changes here a lot but its not that bad
there are tons of restaurants
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lots of construction and tons of potholes with streets needing serviced and repairs throughout the city
because Wichita is small those types of activities do not seem as prominent as big city but they do exist
our streets are bad on a car
this is not a beach town but we do offer lots of fishing opportunities
there are job available but mostly labor work since this is a aircraft industry layoffs are high
while there are things to do downtown for adults this is mostly a family town
there may not be much to do but it is relaxing to live here
This is a well connected community that gets along well and takes care of their property
most homeowners have lived here a long time and all know each other
like most of Wichita this is a family orientated nieghboerhood
This is a golfing area and a eating town you live here you like to eat and golf