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I have lived in Macalester Groveland for 34 years. I raised my kids here and now have helped to raise my grandkids here. They all love the neighborhood and wish that they had the money to find a house here. They are young families starting out and it is difficult to afford some of the homes here.
I love the urban feel of it and at the same time it is like living in small town. It is generally very quiet and i feel safe here. It is close to airport ( no plane noise) and both down towns.

Great place to live
It's easy to navigate, there's lots of public transit, and the people are friendly. I'm currently living with extended family, but when I'm ready to move into my own place again I'll absolutely consider this neighborhood.
Bike theft is a frequent issue. I am also aware of several acquaintances who have been affected by armed robberies while walking home at night. This makes me feel unsafe at night because there are few people around and overall not much lighting.
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As a young person there is not much to do in this area. It is mostly residential and most of the residents are families with young children. The public transportation system is slow and the city is not easily accessible without a bike or car. Without easy transportation to the more urban parts of the city the area is pretty boring
THere is little crime, just the occasional small theft. Not a lot of violent things happen in the area.
It feels like a safe and family oriented, friendly area. It is clean, with many school options and many places to get food.
I really enjoy the St. Paul area! It's so beautiful and there is always so much going on. Whether you're looking for a new place to eat, meet friends for drinks, or find an event near you, there's always something new to try!
I feel very safe in this area and I feel like we have a low crime rate.
I think our area is very interconnected and close. We have many people of all ages, gender, and religions. I feel like we could use a little more racial and cultural diversity, however. We have a very low crime rate and flourishing businesses. I love this area and am proud to call it home.
It's a upper middle class, liberal, family orientated neighborhood for the most part.
It's a friendly neighborhood. Pretty liberal near me, and more conservative a little further away.
There are some home and car break-ins/robberies, but not many. The area seems very safe.
I love the area, but taxes are very high.
People are nice and get along well.
This is a great area to live in, although it is expensive.
This area has been my best neighborhood so far thought my time in Metro (last 8 years)
I ean, it is Minnesota, so the winters can be very hard if you aren't used to them. Other than that it is pretty tame.
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Lots of great restaurants and smaller chains, 2 malls pretty close, <10 minute drives
I haven't looked for many jobs in the area, but a few friends have found some at restaurants pretty easily.
only one string of break-ins in garages in the 16 years living here, otherwise very safe.