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Lower South Providence Reviews

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While it doesn’t look too harmless during the day, at night the truth comes out. Providence can overall be looked at as a beautiful cities, but there’s areas that are heavily saturated with homeless people and drugs. You can absolutely make the most of the area though, there’s some beautiful parks in walking distance as well as schools on every corner it seems.
Crimes have gotten worse throughout the years. More improvement is needed.
I would love to see my community grow and get better but, the violence has gotten out of hand. And not much is being done about it
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The police are here when you need them, and sometimes there's an occasional shooting.
It's too noisy here and the roads need fixing.
The police take good care of the area I live in.
The area that I live in is pretty good. The places that occupy this area have a lot to do with the culture here. The restaurants and food markets really show what my area represents.
Very small town, which gives you a half full half empty experience. Everyone knows each other, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the situation and people involved. As well as everything being close together, which again may or may not be a good thing. Can be good on gas, can be also very boring.