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A safe neighborhood on the north side of Chicago filled with equal parts residential, shopping, and entertainment. There are many little shopping nooks and crannies, as well as, top noche eateries. It is home of the Lincoln Park zoo which is free year-round. As far as, the residents Lincoln Park is not a very diverse neighborhood however, this sentiment varies from block to block. Overall Lincoln Park offers a variety of things to do and places to go no matter your age.
I've lived in Lincoln Park for almost 5 years now as a transplant from Boston. Lincoln Park is a great combination of affordable, fun, young, family friendly and convenient. It is one of the nicer neighborhoods in the greater Chicago area while also being affordable and close to public transportation.
I live in the area due to its vicinity to De Paul University. It is a fairly upscale neighborhood with a myriad of places to eat, shop, and browse. Grocery stores are fairly close with Trader Joes on Diversey and Walmart Neighborhood Market and Target on Clark St. There are many elementary schools nearby, which allow for options for parents who are looking to move into the area. It is also right outside of downtown which allows for the quiet of a neighborhood, but the ability to experience downtown through a 15 minute train ride. Overall, Lincoln Park is a great place to live and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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Lincoln Park has a lot of families and great access to food, the city, and the lake. My favorite place is the Lincoln Park Zoo with lots of green space for a family and dog friendly neighborhood.
Lincoln Park is a beautiful neighborhood filled with good restaurants, exciting night life, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and much more. Truly an outstanding neighborhood.
Eclectic mixture of commercial and residential life alongside its fantastic location along Lake Michigan make this neighborhood great for both young professionals as well as families. Elementary and high schools within the area are both top performers in the area. The only main concern would be the price of living, however if one can afford to live in this area there are very few others that compare within the Chicago area for overall combination of dining, housing, recreation and education. Situated outside of downtown but still within easy access to public transportation.
Really safe neighborhood, really lively and friendly. The one downside is that it can be very pricey, and since it's a college area the places are pretty upscale. But there are a lot of great bars, a lot of great transportation and always something to do. Lovely area, one of the safest in Chicago.
Lincoln Park is a very calm neighborhood with many places to eat. It is pretty safe compared to low-income neighborhoods, but there are still crimes that are committed kind of often mostly around the DePaul University campus. The nightlife scene seems to be lacking as everything is kind of distributed throughout the neighborhood and to neighboring communities. It takes a bit of time and work to find the right places to attend at night.
Lincoln Park is such a great neighborhood to live in and to grow up in. It's filled with families and awesome people. It's a very safe neighborhood and there is so much to do from the Zoo to shopping on Armitage.
Lincoln Park, in my opinion, is one of the best places to live in Chicago. It is conveniently located close to the downtown area. Shopping is great-- there are cute little family-owned boutiques as well as your favorite chain stores. There are many great restaurants, and we have the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free. There many families that are always walking their big, fluffy dogs. Lincoln Park is known as one of the "safest" places to live in Chicago-- but you should still take caution. One drawback is that it has a reputation for being very expensive (but you could get lucky and find a relatively inexpensive apartment like I did).
Lincoln Park is awesome. There are a wide range of activities for all budgets. Oz Park, Lincoln Park, The Zoo, The Conservatory are all free. There's also tons of nightlife and restaurants - Gaslight, Lincoln Park Stadium, Duffy's, Mad River are a few good bars.
Lincoln park is a beautiful town in the Chicagoland area because of its parks, beautiful apartments, museums, history and the night life. It's really just a beautiful town in the outskirts of the city of Chicago. The only downfall of Lincoln Park is that it's pretty expensive to live there but it literally has everything you need to have a great social life.
The neighborhood has lots of families and is generally known as an affluent area.
The area is great for a young adult. It has the college feel along with living along side families and young professionals.
I have never seen or heard of a crime that happened very close to my home.
This is a good area to live in, I have just gotten tired of it.
I love living in Lincoln Park. It has made me who I am today and I would not change that for the world.
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Many large beautiful houses. The neighborhood has made a lot of progress in the last few years in terms of housing. Many range in style, size, and amenities.
Many people have moved to Lincoln Park from all over Chicago to start a family. Because of this, there are so many children who have grown up in the neighborhood and have lived a great life because of that.
There are hardly any crimes or acts of violence in my neighborhood. Everyone feels safe and comfortable.
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