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I really enjoyed my time being a student here. I always felt safe, with police in the area. The food in the area is great and reasonably priced for the most part. Most people are friendly in the area and customer service has always been amazing based on my experiences. Stores in the area are expensive but most of the time it's worth it.
Amazing neighborhood, great food, and overall great pace in this busy city. It brings you back home. The shopping is also great with a variety of stores ranging from makeup, to clothing, to even shoes. Walking down, you'll see families with pets, and children, and you wont feel so alone. Great place for family, and the schools in the neighborhood are amazing, along with being ranked highest in the city.
It's a wonderful place to live, very close to many restaurants and grocery stores. Also close to public transportation. It is a bit overpriced, though. I'm lucky enough to have a nice, cheap apartment, but lately with a lot of new buildings going up, the rent in the area is also going up
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Lincoln Park is in the midst of a demographic adjustment. Although the $1M+ townhomes w/rooftop decks sit right next to senior buildings, it is still well protected, safe to walk your dog at night, non-stressful type of neighborhood where you can breathe. In the midst of this city, there are places where you can't do so, or if you do, no telling what's going in your lungs! LP is cool.
Great neighborhood, walking distance from everything. Walmart, Target, Trader Joe's, Theaters, The Lake, Running Trails etc.
I've lived in Lincoln Park all my life, and even when I was forced to move from my childhood home, I remained in Lincoln Park and still live here. I love it with all my heart and it's an integral part of Chicago. I can't imagine living anywhere else and the thought of moving for school saddens me greatly.
Very safe area, lots of bars and restaurants. Lots of young people, especially around the Cubs stadium (baseball), but also lots of old people since it's a safe area and the lake is really close by.
Lots to do in Lincoln Park, especially for those over 21. College friendly, and young professionals are welcome. There are restaurants all around, and of a large variety. There are lots of private gyms to pick from, but you'll have trouble finding one that is for a tighter budget. Rent is rather high and parking can be extremely difficult. Biggest plus is proximity to the lake and festivals. Access to the Red, Brown, Purple lines.
The streets and sidewalks are very clean, and buildings are well-kept. There are plenty of parks, and one can often see people walking their kids and dogs happily down the sidewalk. It is very lively and family-friendly, and has great schools in the area. Potholes on the roads of Lincoln Park are an inconvenience (and safety hazard), but otherwise, the roads are safe.
Lincoln Park is a fun, family-friendly neighborhood where there is always something going on. Full of great schools, exciting restaurants, cute shops, and beautiful parks, what more could you ask for? Bonus- its so close to Chicago's downtown!
great neighborhood, would like to see more diversity in restaurants. It is a safe neighborhood and I feel confident living here. Most things are in walking distance and the loop is nearby.
I work and live in Lincoln Park, and I think it is the best neighborhood in Chicago. You get to experience the small town feel while being minutes outside of the Loop.
Great restaurants and friendly people! Very quiet and serene. Can't forget about the Lincoln Park zoo!
It is expensive. Rents are set to keep poor people out. It lacks diversity because all people that live here are rich.
Safe, clean, historic places have been preserved, lots of trees, young families, students, young professionals, cute stores.
I absolutely love Lincoln Park - it is full of things to do all the time, great people, and all the best the city has to offer.
I'm up here all the time at DePaul's campus for rehearsal. It's such a fun place to be! Lots of places to eat and shop, and nice parks to just walk around. I'm excited to be living here next year!
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I am a college student who has lived in Lincoln Park for the past four years. It has been a great neighborhood to live in: safe, lots to do, clean, and friendly. The biggest downside is the cost of living. Lincoln Park is extremely expensive, which is not college friendly. Overall, a great experience!
The families that live here are super wealthy, and it's not uncommon to see nannies walking little kids home from school. Food options are pretty diverse and tasty. I don't usually feel unsafe when I'm walking alone outside, which is always nice.
Lincoln Park is a lively neighborhood with a lot of stores and and restaurants that allow for both practical daily living and also enjoyable leisure time.
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