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Definitely a growing area! the biggest complaint I’ve heard is that crime rates are a bit higher here. But it’s still Salt Lake City crime so it is pretty mellow in comparison to other cities I’ve lived in. You are close to everything so getting anywhere is a breeze and traffic is mellow. Its got a good mix of young working adults, families and retirees. Also a plus it’s a very dog friendly area with tons of owners walking their dogs all year round!
I have lived here for over 30 years, and loved it. Unfortunately in the last couple years the crime rate has skyrocketed. My car has been broken into twice, a car window broken, my house has been robbed twice, and anything on my porch is stolen. The police and city officials don’t seem to care. On top of that, developers are buying up property, demolishing existing structures, and building apartments, all of which contribute to increased traffic in this residential neighborhood.
Amazing neighborhood. Beautiful architectural structures with plenty of historical building. One of the biggest downsides to the area are the many homeless people lurking around your house and areas you go to.
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There is crime in this area, but only because some people infiltrate from State Street and known drug/crime areas.
This area is full of wonderful people and local businesses that add character to the community. However, there has been an increase of theft and other criminal activity due to it's close proximity to State Street.
Low crime rate. Police are very active in patrolling
Good choices on anything you might like to eat or drink.
Good opportunities for everyone. Very Conservative area though.
Old Victorians. We have older houses that are being remodeled
A lot better than most areas