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This area is getting nicer by the week. Lot's of the negative reviews on Lents are from a while back, and I don't think they are still true. We absolutely love living here. We can WALK to Pickles baseball games, the farmers market, multiple coffee shops, bakeries, and food carts. It's everything that inner SE has, but at half the price :). Lents doesn't suck.
Our adorable little neighborhood is quickly changing and I couldn't be happier about it! Lents is easily walkable and fantastically quirky. Its residents are close-knit and are usually planning some community event. I'm happy owning my home in Lents.
Some of the neighborhoods need better lights and sidewalks. Can be dangerous to walk home at night after work.
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Lents area is currently under development and requires a lot of growth . Lents should have information centers to help inform of the current situation on homelessness to help promote compassion as human beings versus ways to "sweep" them out.
Prices are fairly reasonable and you are close to major bus lines, MAX lines and a variety of stores. 82nd is a little sketchy in some areas
I live off on 92nd Ave near the Springwater Trail. I chose this house because it was so close the the Springwater Trail and I love biking and going on walks. However, now the trail is inhabited by a large number of homeless people and I no longer go on the trail or allow my child to go near it. There is a lot of crime and theft in my neighborhood. The neighborhood has gotten better with the added Pickles Baseball team, a great summer activity. There is a lot of building and improvement happening right now that I hope improves the area.
This is not the nicest area in Portland. Crime rate can be high. The city often forgets about us, because we are so far east. Cost of living is fairly expensive. There is currently a large rat population, pollution from the 205 freeway, and a large homeless population. Many unimproved roads, many streets lacking sidewalks, and lots of litter. There are also a lot of drug addicted people in the neighborhood. That being said- many lower middle class families have into the area and take pride in their home ownership. Many people are working hard to clean the neighborhood up on a grass-roots level.
Our area is very calm. Policies roam around the area sometimes and I have not seen any crimes happening here. In case if I need a police we can call one and they come at you fast.
I love my area especially because we have a park near here. Our neighboors are very friendly as well.
The place is safe with good maintenance
This area is peaceful and safe.
The air could be cleaner, the streets could be newer and the are could be cleaned up
This area isn't the best, but it isn't the worse.
The local businesses are pretty good around here, most of the area is used for shopping. But there isn't very many small businesses that are known around here and are 'famous' in the city. Most of it is corporate owned stuff.
There are literally so many people and houses in here that we are over populating the city and it makes the violence a lot worse here. You can't even get a decent apartment for less than $700 here and then thats before utilities. It should not cost so much to have a place sit while we work all day to bust our butts to make the money to pay for a room to hold our stuff. It makes it almost not worth it.
The transportation is only reliable half the time but its mostly safe. The parking availability is okay except for downtown and in super small streets and congested areas.
The community here is pretty cold and most of the people are hostile and very closed off. Especially in comparison to Tigard and Lake Oswego side of Portland.
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Here there are a lot of accidents and emergencies and there is constantly emergency vehicles going places. I feel that they are pretty responsive and they seem to really listen to the people here when they vote.
This is Clackamas and a lot of people just go out to eat and go shopping all day. There are a special group of people that go workout all the time but there's not a lot of motivation since half of the people in Portland are drug addicts anyways.