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Its a nice area. There are a lot of friendly people. The traffic is not so bad, so getting to class is not really a struggle for me. There are many schools in the surrounding area as well, which is good for people who have children.
Hi! My name is Ana, I have been living in Lawndale for about 2 years and, I can say that it is a quiet neighborhood, there are plenty stores, schools, a library, gym, as well as efficient public transportation.
I like that I am close to the train station. Getting on public transportation is easy and close to home.
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There isn't much serious crime in the area. The police respond well to the area. I just wish there was more of a presence.
The area in which I live in is currently facing the results of gentrification in other parts of the city. I go to school at Temple University and more wealthier students and residents are moving into the North Philadelphia and Center City areas and pushing poorer minority families to the northeast and outskirts of the city. The northeast is where I live, it used to be considered more middle class,but now it is becoming more and more low-income.
I feel safe in this area majority of the time, but every now and then someone gets robbed. I do not hear or see much violence in this area just this such as people being robbed or their car broken into.The police do arrive very fast when they are needed and are very kind in this area. Just random sprouts of crime every now and then, it is still not the most dangerous area compared to many places.
I like the area I live in but even though I enjoy living here I would not choose to live here again. It is becoming more dangerous. I do not always feel very comfortable walking around places because people get robbed often in my area and with school education declining there seems to be an increase in drop outs. I would prefer to live in the suburbs of Atlanta or California or somewhere else very nice. This use to be an amazing area but it is beginning to decline at a faster rate therefore although I like it I would not choose to stay or move here again.
Not too bad, but ogten do hear others complaining about crimes and burglaries
The crime and safety of this area is great.
I would say this area is peaceful.
You'll often be warned not to walk around too late at night. Not the safest place to carry expensive bags or flaunt your newest iPhone, in my opinion.
I've lived here a while so i'm used to everything, the changes aren't as noticeable to me anymore.
It is a nice area.
It is a nice area.
neighbors are friendly and helpful at times
I've always felt safe in my area since i moved.
it is a family friendly area and people are kind
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Love the northeast area that I live in.
This place is pretty much okay. There are lots of children who like to play outside. The neighborhood is not a bad at all.
Lawncrest is an okay place to live compared to other parts of philadelphia