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Laurelhurst is a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood; the houses are gorgeous and there are trees everywhere. The school has a good reputation, but when I went there I didn't love it, and my family has had negative experiences with other families in Laurelhurst, namely some adults looking down on us because we aren't rich and beautiful. Overall there are some bad people, but also a lot of great ones, and the appearance of the neighbohood is hard to beat.
The move to make Laurelhurst an Historic District has shown me and my family just how classist, intolerant (of diversity of thought/aesthetic sensibilities) and downright nasty neighbors are. If we could we’d move. Sad to see such an aggressive preference for houses over people.
There are some problems with vandalism and breaking in but to my knowledge there isn't a huge crime problem but there is the some incident that you can read about in the newspaper most days.
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Nice houses but many condos and new apartments are going up in the spaces that use to be businesses. Traffic is getting bad but in my area there is low crime rates, good schools, nice surrounding such as sidewalks and greenery is in good condition. There are many sidewalks, crosswalks and it is easy to get anywhere because of public transportation. The area is becoming very trendy and more expensive to move into.
I really love where I live. It's close enough to downtown, public transportation, and the people living in this Laurelhurst neighborhood are some of the nicest people.