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If you like culture, art and having a well crafted lifestyle - Lafayette Square is perfect place for you. Historic Homes, next to one of the few remaining Victorian parks, great neighborhood coffee shop/ restaurants/ and bars few minutes from downtown St. Louis.
Some neighbors have told stories of their cars being broken into and packages being stolen from their porches, but violent crime is very rare.
My neighborhood is beautiful and historic with a gorgeous park nearby that hosts concerts and outdoor movies during the summer. There are mature trees everywhere, many nearby restaurants and an active community of neighbors. We do get some crime, however; some neighbors have complained of their cars being broken into and we also have to worry about mail theft (packages) once in a while.
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Nestled between several bustling neighborhoods, McKinley Heights has a great urban, St. Louis feel. It's very close to downtown, bikable to many nearby hotspots (CWE, Forest Park, Cherokee) and walkable to Soulard, Benton Park and Fox park. Transportation using the main highways is close. People are friendly are the community association is active.
The community in the area is really wonderful and welcoming.

If you want to take advantage of it, it is available.
From downtown, outdoor activities are a bit more limited.

There are some wonderful (large parks) including forest and tower grove parks.

Mountain biking (singletrack) is superb out in the county, but takes a little drive to get to it.

Canoing and Kayaking also is possible on the rivers, but the more beautiful ones are 3+ hour drive away.

Rock climbing is also a distance away, the most significant place about 3.5 hours east.
St. Louis in general - the crime is hit or miss. There are pockets of the city that have more problems than others.

In our area, violent crime is not the biggest issue - but theft is. Mostly car breakins. I personally have never had a breakin, but neighbors have.

The neighborhood I live in has a truly invested community - there are neighborhood watches, online forums, and a police substation in the square. I never feel unsafe, even running around the square or biking late at night.
Winter - cold but no snow

Fall and Spring - best times of year, though sometimes unpredictable (40 one day, 80 next day).

Summer - REALLY hot.

Hot weather makes it harder to bike in - the clothing is often light, sweat wicking.

Natural disasters aren't a huge worry - sometimes tornados hit down. That is the biggest concern in the summer.
South Grand is one area nearby that has a ton (of reasonably priced) dining option - vegan fare, ethiopian, thai, etc.

There are also a lot of bars downtown and near south grand that are open for afterwork drinks.
St. Louis is a great start-up area. If you are looking for cheap rent for you business, help starting up your company (funders), and tap into the areas numerous universities, then you can't beat St. Louis. Jobs downtown are harder to come by - the area does have major employers (such ad edward jones, ATT, Anheiser Bush, Purina, Peabody and Ameren), but most have moved outside of the city limits.
St. Louis has a variety of both small local businesses and bigger chain businesses.

You can get everything you need (and shop around for the best price), but you have to be willing to drive.
great places to work out and great hositals
the local work hard to take care of weather issues. It gets a little muggy here in the summer but that does not last long.
this is a sports town, you got it all. Just missing pro basketball team but the college action is awesome. Cards, Blues, Rams, great college and great high school.
awesome place to find a job, plenty of growth and great job ops
for what is going on in the nation I would say we are on par
there is so much to do nature wise, it brings all home with every imaginable park close by, and the city is famous for its excellent parks. On nice park right in our neighborhood.
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it just keeps getting better. So much is going one and it shows with our happy family here.
no issues with this area, there may be an occasional pot hole or some other minor issue.
you have to see the neighborhood to understand it. Large Victorian homes with smaller yards, lots of gardens.