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My community does not have a very good community center, although we have one I feel like maybe we can add a few more. I also feel like my community doesn't have anything to offer to its residence like maybe a place local families can come together and collaborate to create events for children.
I think is a nice place since everything is at the reach of your hands. The people the live in there are friendly if you are friendly to them. Although it would be good if the place was more clean.
Have been a resident in the area of Kingsbridge for a year now. Overall experience has been great. Very friendly residents, commute is very easy from the four train to the one train as well as local buses to travel to multiple places. Diverse restaurants offering different forms of cuisine to cater to everyones cravings around the neighborhood. Definitely a place to visit, especially since it is close to Riverdale.
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It is a very diverse neighborhood and has an average safety rate. This could be also considered to be a very diverse neighborhood where everyone know each other. There are public schools around here that are safe and provide a good education for the kids.
Wish the neighborhood was better. People are always hanging out outside and there are cops posted on each corner most of the time
The Kingsbridge Neighborhood is a family friendly area with many schools. I wish there was more nature around the neighborhood and more healthy conscious restaurants.
I was born and raised in Kingbridge. Since i've lived here, i have never had any issues with the neighborhood. Everyone is kind and friendly and know each other. There is a lot of respect for others and the neighborhood is upcoming. If one were to move to the Bronx, i would highly advise Kingsbridge.
Kings bridge Bronx near the 1train. Only train near by a lot of buses though. By can cortland park this is good if you have children. Not many schools especially good ones. Private catholic school near by. Putnam Ave is for the most part safe 231st though not the best dirty sometimes weird people over there. Very quiet on Putnam Ave west 238th st. It's a hit or a miss depending on your taste. Not the worst though pretty decent. Rent is expensive. Buildt a mall on 230th st. Bjs smash burger chipotle buffalo wings subways is on 237th.
An incredible, culturally diverse neighborhood. I'm grateful to have grown up here even if it might not have a good rep or perception from outsiders.
Kingsbridge has a variety of characters and some parts of it are nicer than others. You can be along a street of bodegas and dollar stores, but two blocks away can be fairly quiet blocks with houses. Occasionally there have been incidents (stabbing, house blew up, car break ins) but this is not an every day occurrence. There has been a lot of building going on, in terms of new shopping centers and businesses as well as apartments. This is creating some parking difficulties. Kingsbridge is very near to Van Cortlandt Park, which is a plus. It also has a lot of diversity.
There's crime but it's minimal and not something I worry about often.
It's the medium of where I could live. Not too dangerous, quiet, but still close enough to the city.
This neighborhood is pretty calm, there is never any crime and its always safe since it is a family type of neighborhood.
Everything is pretty modern and getting better in this neighborhood.
There has been criminal activity to be spoken of.
It is a generally quiet area. It is why the area to walk through and simply observe.
It is alright, things happen from time to time.
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-i have felt safe here
It's a decent area to live in, but certain hidden activities that go on leave you wondering how save our you. If certain streets were cleaner and had nicer pavements then the property value would increase; however, there are a lot of people who liter and do not maintain the overall cleanliness of the area. There was recently a mall opening four blocks away from where I live but this can only remain a nice structure as long as there is daily cleaning. At night, it can be very quiet which is good but I would prefer more police patrolling after midnight. If littering laws were enforced in this area then it would be a much nicer place to live in but overall the experience the past 3 years has been positives. I haven't heard of any robberies and because we live in front of a school it has remained fairly safe.
I live in a small community within which is a cooperative that organizes wonderful community events - shows, lectures, classes, social events and more. We have activities for children, for families and for seniors. We have several parks and transportation is available to get just about anywhere else you would want to go.