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I love living here. It is safe and clean which is the main reason I moved here. I love the fact that it has good transportation system and there are great universities in the neighborhood
I love this very diverse neighborhood. It is the same neighborhood that President Obama has a home in. The area gives you a suburban feel but city view. Kenwood is blocks away from downtown Hyde Park where you can go shopping, dining and to the movies. You are steps away from the lakefront beaches and a fantastic scenic view of downtown Chicago skyline.
I lived here a while
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what kind of survey is this?
The crime rate is what it's known to be in Chicago. However the rime rate in my area isn't that bad.
The architecture of the homes are very beautiful. I enjoy being closet o downtown and the lake as well.
Unique restaurants and there's more to come.
New businesses are opening and can be promising.
Great community-based businesses that feed into each other.
We don't have to worry about the majority of natural disasters; however, the winers are insanely cold and the schools are constantly being closed due to the snow and cold
We have variety of restaurants that one can choose from. Delivery is also great in the area.
There are a lot of great restaurants and small shops that I am able to go to.
I don't have a job in my are since I travel to work so I have no idea how it is in the area.