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Kenton is a lovely neighborhood with unique shops and restaurants; here you can find antique shops, a bar, breakfast spots and even a huge statue of Paul Bunyan.

The only negative I have for Kenton being that everything closes earlier than I would like; being in my late 20's I'd like to have places to meet up with friends other than a bar.
Beautiful, quiet neighborhood with a nice park and friendly neighbors. The community is closeknit and the neighbors help out each other. Also, many front yards with lovely gardens.
They have been building way more houses in my area lately, they are starting to all look alike. They are cutting too many trees. We accept the new neighbors, but the houses should at least look a little more diverse.
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We all know we need each other to make this community to work. However, everyone is always busy with their own lives we don't always pitch to really classify as a community.
We don't have much crime action around my neighborhood. It is a very family welcome neighborhood. There is always great communication with our neighbors if there are concerns of any sort of suspicions of crime.
I have been living here for almost all of my life and I truly say that this is my home, not just because we live here, but because everything about me feels good. I know my neighbors and I have a good relationship with them. We all get along. We are never fighting over trees and property. We depend on each other to make this neighborhood beautiful again.