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Absolutely dreadful neighborhood. I grew up in Juniata Park and it is no longer safe to live here. This area has gone downhill really fast over the years and I can never recommend anyone moving here. The crime here is absolutely terrible, ranging from car accidents, gunshots, robbery, theft, and murders. This used to be such a pleasant and safe neighborhood. Everything is conveniently close and children were able to play outside, and now you can't even do that anymore due to the rising kidnappings. Riffraff is rampant here. There is trash everywhere and cars driving in the streets with earthquake loud music. The deer, owls, cicadas and other animals have been scared away and we no longer hear or see them anymore due to the piles of trash and loud disturbances. If you are looking for a safe, clean neighborhood for a family and to raise children, I implore that you please look elsewhere.
Juniata park is a very diverse neighborhood. There are a lot of cultures that can be learned in the community and everyone knows each other. The area is clean and quiet so it is a healthy environment to be in. I like how everything is accessible where local stores are close by.
Living in the Juniata section of Philadelphia has been a good experience for me. I love that it's a diverse neighborhood with many cultures to learn from. There are many shops that is accessible to public transportation which makes it very convenient to travel. The one thing I would like to see more of is community gatherings to come up with ways to keep improving our neighborhoods.
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I love my neighborhood the only thing that I would change is the school the kids don't learn in public school
Theres always crimes going on and recently bad things keep happening. The police is visible but not always so reliable.
It is not the best place to live in but also not the worse. If i had the chance of moving somewhere nicer i would.
The area is a small and quiet place. we do not really hear any crime in the street. There are some little theft but the cops were able to find them with the help of the neighbors in the area.
Its a quite little area and peaceful. Older generation lives there not to many younger kids. Neighbors are great help you when you are in need.
street is getting fix some how.
there is many friendly people, but there is people who prefer not to even look at you.
This area is very well known for the amount of car thefts and robberies each week. Many of the vehicles stolen are of a simillar make and model but people fear of even leaving change showing in their cars for fear someone will beak in for it.
I have lived in this neighborhood my entire life, and it only gets worse. My grandparents bought this house in the 1960's when it was a great place to live; raising six children there was one of the best choices they had ever made. Currently, I live in this home with my grandmother and mother, and it is truly no the place anyone would willing want to move to, especially to raise a family. There is violence, drugs, robberies, you never know what the days will be like living there.
I dont trust some of my neighbors and when I am walking alone I do not feel safe.
A lot of violence has been going on and new people that are moving in are very rude and don't care about their neighbors.
I have not seen or heard of any crimes around my neighborhood
I can not complain about my neighborhood. Everyone is great, even their pets.
Houses here are called row houses, where all the houses are directly connected to each other wall to wall. It is ver small housing and being so close to neighbors, one may hear everything going on inside.
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There are rarely community gatherings as there is regular block parties, there is barely a community presence (following the definition of community).
We do not have much problems over here, other than the usual domestic disputes.
I love this place as it is the only place I have known my whole life, but unfortunately I see the difference and it is a negative one.