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Hyde Park Reviews

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This area is riddled with gunfire everyday and night. Terrible place to raise children
There are shootings and killings almost everyday.
There is an abundance of abandoned and vacant houses in this area.
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There's really 2 parks that I can think of that are beautiful and safe in this area.
It's really in this area. There are shootings and killings just about every other day.
The weather here is unpredictable most of the time. It 75 can be degrees today and 45 degrees the next.
The restaurants in this area are okay. If there were more family-friendly restaurants, it would be great.
The jobs in this area are dead-end jobs. People work hard for a little of nothing just to get by. The only way anyone will get a job downtown, is if they have experience in the field of work they're applying for. There's no way anyone can get experience in those types of jobs unless they are hired by that company to acquire it.
The grocery stores are okay. I wish the fresh produce and more organic foods were more affordable.
I live in a metropolitan area so people who are in this area are tourists or people who live in the area. That being the case, having a great lineup of bars and restaurant with great food and drinks is probably the most profitable choice.
There are hardly any job openings and the jobs that are available for the people in my area, are very well underpaying jobs.
The variety of stores in the area I live in is horrible. There are mainly convenient stores. The actual grocery stores in the area has been closed, so If you want to shop, you have to travel to the other side of town.
There are mostly fast food restaurants in this area. Restaurants range from Church's Chicken, Pop Eyes, Chinese restaurants, and gas stations mostly.
Employment in the are that I use to stay is hard to come by. Either you have to already know someone working in the particular job field that you're applying for, or you just have to hope that the employer wants to hire you. The area's jobs aren't really distinctive, but when you do come across a job, they pay rate isn't enough to help support your family (families).