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It is a nice pretty area, no drama ever really happens so it remains peaceful. There is a lake nearby, lovely for walks and my current school is nearby which is fairly excellent. Its not too crowded, but it is pretty active with people walking around and several dog lovers.
I live in the Bronzeville area which is pretty close to Hyde Park. I love the area because of all the positive changes it has brought upon the neighborhood and my neighbors. The area is more diverse, safe for families, the university is a huge asset and brought in plenty of good changes and people to the neighborhood. Not mention the lake and Washington Park along with the museum. There is plenty to see and do.
I have lived in this neighborhood approximately 10 years. This neighborhood is good for raising children under the age of 12 and if they have a relation to University of Chicago. Over the years, Hyde Park has turned into it's own big city as there are a lot of stores and a lot of people. with there being a lot of people, it is not easy to get to know your neighbors.
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I like the old buildings and architecture. I enjoy the neighborhood events, it’s a great way to get to know others. Also, I appreciate the campus security; they add another layer of protection in the neighborhood. However, I don’t like how dirty the neighborhood looks. There is trash all over the ground.
My experience is great. There are tons of restaurants to choose from. Most banks are in the area. Transportation is the best. You really dont have to leave the community for anything. The only small thing I don’t like about Hyde park is the parking. If you have a car it’s best you have a paid space to park.
Hyde Park is located in South Side Chicago. University of Chicago is also located in Hyde Park. The area is very safe and quiet. There are polices officers driving around the neighborhood pretty often.
The food and restaurants are great
tough to drive in
a bit too much crime for my liking
close to the University
not a lot to do
Hyde Park is a friendly diverse community, it's supported by the University of Chicago. There's lot's of great restaurants and small businesses with unique items. I have met people all around the world in Hyde Park, which I have learned over twenty different cultures in the last two years.

You see people walking and riding bikes in the community daily. In the summer there are over a dozen community festivals and live outdoor jazz concerts that are free for the community.

Overall visitors who visit Chicago I recommend they stop by Hyde Park community I'm sure they would be pleased with the outcome.
Hyde Park is one of the few neighborhoods in Chicago that are actually diverse. As a black person, I feel as though I am included in conversations and represented by businesses.
Hyde Park is a small neighborhood in the huge city of Chicago. It has a feel of a different environment, it's like a small town where you see the same people but also it never gets boring, there's many things to do and a lot of shops and events to visit on weekends.
I love that my neighborhood has some many rich thing from shopping to restaurants. It chains stores to pop up.
Close to the lake in the summer is the best
Hyde Park is historical ,as well as beautiful architect, it’s a very well place to stay if you have a family from museums parks restaurants and shopping and who wouldn’t want to live where your president Obama lived
Hyde Park is a beautiful neighborhood on the east side of Chicago. It obtains excellent schools, beautiful apartments and convenience of restaurants, transportation and shopping experience. A nice family area with both Chicago Police Department and The University of Chicago Police Department patrolling throughout the day and night.
I have lived in Hyde Park for almost 4 years now and I love it! It is extremely diverse and convenient. I moved here to attend my current high school Kenwood Academy and I have not once regretted this decision. It is such an amazing feeling to know that everything I may need is just around the corner.
Hyde Park is an great area for families and students to enjoy many local parks, sport activities as well as pursuing an education.
Hyde Park seems like a friendly and green neighborhood within a big city. It's easy to use public transit to get downtown but not easy to get to other neighborhoods. Dining options could improve.
I’ve lived in Hyde Park for over 15 years. I attended Grammar and High School here also. The area has changed within the last 10 years. It went from a family/community kinda setting to a college campus. The University of Chicago has inspired much of the area to conform to the students. It can be fun at times and other times it can bring unwanted behaviors to the neighborhood. The view is great though and the food is also. Stop by soon!
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Hyde Park is a nice neighborhood to live and work in. There are wonderful public schools in Hyde Park and lots of activities for all ages. We have the wonderful Museum of Science and Industry, The DuSable Museum of African American History and the University of Chicago campus.
I live and work in Hyde Park. It's a very nice community. Many of my friends leave in or near Hyde Park, so there's always something to do. The University of Chicago has an open campus, so you can wander in and find a lot of great free food events. I suggest joining a few UChicago listhosts to stay up to date on events. It's easy to get out of the neighborhood due to buses and two major train lines not far from the neighborhood. Lots of food options. But rent is increasing. Great place to look on the South Side.
Being born in Chicago and raised in Hyde Park my experiences in Hyde Park has always been positive. From the people, culture, food, and businesses Hyde Park always brings positive vibes to me and my family.