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I love living in hunters point there's great housing,diversity,low rent,great view but I'm speaking for 2019 in the near future this may all vanish.
Safety is good. We have the neighborhood securities walking around, willing to help you bring groceries in, making sure everything is good and safe.
At first it was bad because of the shootings every night. But living there throughout the years, it got better. The shootings calmed down and barely violence in the area I live in.
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Living in a community that's impoverished isn't too bad. We get to witness the life of what other people from outside our community fear. We are human beings just like everyone else but ever since gentrification started rising in and around our community, many of our native SF residents are being forced to be pushed aside and marginalized out of San Francisco. I can't blame them for living since landlords are upping the price of living here in the Bayview Hunter's Point community.