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Horsehoe Park is a neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado with a population of 5,248. Horsehoe Park is in Arapahoe County. Living in Horsehoe Park offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Horsehoe Park there are a lot of coffee shops and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Horsehoe Park and residents tend to be liberal.
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It is not the safest area to live but it is not the worst either. The crime rate seems to be at a low but there are people that live in the area that do not take regard to children playing or family gatherings. People speed through the neighborhoods, blasting music, and cussing. The only time I had a real safety problem in my neighborhood was when there was an old gas station up the street by the bar. A friend of mine and I were walking home from school and wanted to stop and get a drink and a snack. We noticed we were being watched by two men in a white van. They then began to ask us if we lived around here and we replied that we were on our way home now. One of the men offered us a ride, we politely declined. They then proceeded to get in the van and drive beside us. We ran back into the gas station and told the cashier someone was following us and we thought they were trying to kidnap us. He asked if he should call the cops and we replied yes. My friend and I ran to the bathroom. We waited there for about 15 minutes to see if the men had left. They seemed to be gone so we continued to wait for the police but they never showed. I usually stay inside, mostly drive if I leave the house and sometimes I go for walks. I have been honked at, hollered at, and stared at for walking on the sidewalk by strange men. I would wear normal clothes that do not show much of my body off and I would feel extremely uncomfortable. I hardly see police unless they are sitting out waiting to catch people speeding, sometimes they will park in the parking lot across from the bar but it doesn't seem to do any good.
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I have lived in this area since I moved out here in 2008 and mostly all the people that were here when I moved in are still here. The community seems to be stuck or unable to leave. When they do move out, other people move in and move out pretty quickly. It is a boring community, no one speaks or communicates. I was in cheerleading in high school and had to raise money for our uniforms, etc. I would kindly go to my neighbors homes to ask them if in any way they could help out. Most slammed the door in my face and said not interested before I even got past my name. Most of them did not even give me the time of day to explain why I was on the door step, good thing I didn't need emergency help. The community is extremely pet friendly but will not keep an eye out for pets or pay attention to them. When our dog ran from the house one day we went to all the neighbors who were outside at the time and they said they did not see a thing but we keep an eye out. As we kept walking the neighborhood no one was looking, in fact half of the people went back in their homes. No one offered to help and we eventually found our dog by ourselves after 30 minutes of looking. There are no events that go on in this neighborhood and people are extremely kept to themselves and quite rude. I have been cussed out by my neighbors and cursed me out because they were drunk.
If I could choose to live in a different area I would. I do not like the environment nor the people. I live in a very unsafe area and up the street is a local bar where many violent acts occur. There are car accidents frequently in my area and I do not like the overall area. The atmosphere always smells musty or dirty. People are not courteous to the animals that pass on the road, many people run them over and kill them. There are always people outside which is a nice plus side. I would not want to live in this area ever again once I do move out. I would rank this area compared to everywhere else in the country a 5.