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It’s very great around here thought it can be expensive but you meet celebrities around here I’ve met a few
I'm a current student at STEM Academy of Hollywood, I'm a senior. Hollywood is famous for it's walk of fame. And you can get a good view of the Hollywood sign.What I like about Hollywood is the area, everybody is friendly, everything is easy to access. The neighbor hood is quite during the day. I never have seen anything bad happened in Hollywood. Something that I will want to see different in Hollywood is more homeless shelters by adding more shelters it can decrease the amount of homeless people in Hollywood especially and help homeless people have a home and provide them with their necessities.
I find the diversity of peoples and lifestyles a fascinating feature of Hollywood. Interacting with so many different types of people brings a more holistic perspective and broader vision to the world around me.

I also enjoy finding little knots of interesting places and shops that can only be found by exploring the city at the ground level. It is gratifying to enter a new space and discover new areas.

However, there tend to be many vagrants on the streets, and they rarely take heed of public sanitation and health standards. As a result, the streets and walkways can become dirty and do not show off the brilliance that is Hollywood.
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Unlike any other place in los angeles with experiences you can only believe with your eyes. Getting around by foot enhances the chances of interacting with what I would have normally only looked at.
There is always a great deal of things to do in the area as well as a very great area in regards to commuting.
It’s Hollywood, LA, CA so to say anything about the cost of living and the type of random people you run into is pointless, because I’m sure it’s easily imaginable the people that wander around this neighborhood. The food scene and club/bar scene here is pretty awesome. Hollywood also offers a lot of quaint tucked away neighborhoods that are just so much fun to explore and get lost in. Come visit Hollywood and have some fun and sigh see.
Hollywood is an exciting place to live for a little while. It is rather expensive but worth it! I have lived here for nearly 5 years and the closeness to grocery shops, bars, entertainment, and daily activities makes it an interesting living location.
My experience in Hollywood has been mostly positive. I attend school at Musicians Institute enrolled in the Music Business program. I am going for Artist and Representation Specialist. I've been invited to all types of events for business and pleasure. I have met with some of the CEO's at the local indie/ major record labels as well. I have yet to land an internship yet, but I'm still hopefully as to me still attending school and gaining the necessary tools for the industry. I've also had bad situations where my living situation has been in jeopardy while attending classes and trying to get back and forth to work which helps me pay for tuition as well. This scholarship will help me continue school with the same momentum that I have for the industry and expand my opportunities with my continued journey in the music business with a level head.
Great place to live and work and go to school. Never a dull moment and you really are in the center of things and a short drive from other fun areas of California. It takes a bit to get to know your surroundings and judging time for driving but I love it!
Hollywood is overall, a nice place to live. The neighborhood has been drastically changing over the past few years with new apartment buildings being constructed and new shops and restaurants arriving. Due to the tourism and homeless population it can sometimes get a bit dirty and appear to be unsafe at night in some pockets of this neighborhood, but overall it is a wonderful neighborhood. Almost anything you could need or want to do is at your fingertips.
I lived in Hollywood for 5 years, it has gone downhill with the growing homeless population. The location was a very good spot as far as getting around the area, seeing the sights, and experiencing everything Tinsel Town has to offer. I got to know, not just what is advertised, but the inner goings-on of an interesting city like Hollywood. Seeing and hearing about the crime, becoming a part of the community and living in that area was such an eye opening experience.
Hollywood The City of The Stars .I was Born in Queen Of Angels and with that to say I have experienced times when I felt like a Movie star as well as time when it was like Holly but have seen this city in its worse but now seeing its Best . A place were a lot of tourist come to sight see and just a have a good time. Great places like the Kodak theater and the Chinese theater are some of the stops were most people find it entertaining and joyful. Great 5 star hotels were you can book a weekend and just relax and lounge. I have stopped by the W hotel and bumped into a few Actors and Artist. I feel proud of representing The city Of Hollywood and Hope that my experiences here can motivate you and others to make our city better and shine like the true Starz that we are meant to be and to party Hardy ..Only IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!
I love Hollywood in all of its glorious colors. The people are as vibrant as the lights at night scrolling across marquees and lighting up Hollywood. Walking the streets of Holywood on ANY given day is like playing the lead in your very own movie. Sometimes it's comedy, sometimes it's a little romance, maybe a little sad and of course, it wouldn't be Hollywood without your daily dose of Drama! If there were anything I could change on the streets of Hollywood, it would be to see the streets free of the homeless people and by free I mean, tucked nicely and safely in a home, warm and fed.
I grew up in Hollywood and love the diversity and endless things to do. I would like to see the streets cleaned up, and gentrification stopped, if not, slowed down, to give it’s original residents an opportunity to continue to live in the place they have called home for the past 30 years.
I love the history of Hollywood, but I strongly dislike the radical urbanization of the neighborhood and the loss of original architecture for new high-rises and tourist attraction stores. The people of Hollywood are wonderful and diverse (as someone who moved here four years ago from a small farm town) and I truly appreciate the complexity in people and cultures found around every corner. I hope to see more of a revival of the older buildings, instead of completely destroying and rebuilding. History should always be remembered, lest the sins be repeated without forethought.
I like that theirs a lot to do ; I dislike that its not as clean as expected and theirs a good amount of homeless.
I've lived in Hollywood for about 3 years now. If you're young and looking for a fun experience, this is the place to go. There's always something to do, somewhere to go, and people to meet. That being said there's also a lot of money to be spent. Yes, living almost anywhere around LA is gonna cost you but Hollywood is generally one of the more affordable options when it comes to rent. Lots of people I know have roommates to split rent and utilities.
Also, the social scene here kind of ridiculous. Whether you're at the gym, having brunch on melrose, or picking up some groceries, it's all a huge social gathering all the time, everywhere. Everyone's always looking good and trying to be seen (hell, that's why most people move here).
Overall, it's a fun place to live.
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It's a very sociable place with many things to do. You see all kinds of people and the vibes are good.
I have lived in Hollywood for the majority of my life and I love and hate it. The night life is great, it's close to many other tourist attractions like Downtown Los Angeles and others. Hollywood is a whole mix of things. It's dirty and clean and the traffic is horrible but you get used to it. There are beautiful places to discover in hollywood like the famous Hollywood sign, and the walk of fame and the sunset stip. Is a diverse little ball of crazy and I love it.
I was in Hollywood California and found the locals to be extremely friendly and the area to be bustling with life and things to do.