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The Hilltop is a cheap, mediocre little area southwest of downtown that's slowly on the rise. If I left the area, I wouldn't move back simply because of the number of people who will randomly run into busy streets and the crime is a little high.
this place is better the some place in the united states
this is the place for family its a very safe place it doesn't have a lot of crimes going on
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Many houses are single-family rentals or owned. There are a few rental duplexes in the area. There are not many vacant houses and most of those are for sale.
Most renters stay in their place for a couple years. we have a stray cat issue, but it is tolerable.
Most houses in my neighborhood are either single-family rentals or duplexes. Some of the houses are owned single-family. There are a few vacant houses for sale.
The crime and safety of this area is high. Something is always happening around here. Someone is either shot, stabbed, killed, hurt or even a house caught on fire, I don't get it. Why can't we all just get along.
My area is a small area. It has its problems every now n then but it's tolerable. I would not choose to live her again only for the simple fact that I want to move away from this area. Out of 10 this area is a 6.5 for the simple fact that it's not a place to bring a baby up in. In the future I see this place getting better but now right now. Someone needs to stand up
I have not witnessed any crime in this area, although it is seen down the road.
The people here are nice and the area is very quiet. I have not witnessed much crime here.
Could be better, the cops are there but not when it counts the most.
It was comfortable living there, though I'd probably move to a nicer area within Columbus instead of staying where I used to live.
It's getting better as the community rebuilds
Small yards and home are close together. Many unkempt and abadoned homes.
Businesses keeps their stores clean for the most part. Lower cost stores seems to do better. Lots of corner stores within walking distance.
The employment opportunites in this area of town are very little. There are many low income families with little to no access to transportaion. The outloook does not look well either, many of the better paying jobs are on the North and Northwest parts of town.
If the law enforcement would be have more of an appearance during the night and be able to pull over the people racing down the street. It might become alright