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i rented a room in a condo here for five months. not much in this neighborhood but single family homes. so i looked elsewhere when i moved into my own apartment. no schools or shops within the immediate neighborhood either. the quiktrip nearby has some of the lowest priced gas in town though.
There is a lot of theft and vandalism in this area. I have seen many cars with their windows broken due to robbery.
This area in Tucson is a little bit on the unsafe side. There is a lot of crime and the police are called a lot. Other than that, it is an average place to live. The nice thing about this area is that there are plenty of convenience stores, restaurants, and shopping within walking distance.
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The weather may be horribly hot in the summer, but other than that we have good weather.
There are pretty good options for anyone who needs something unique.
There are people who seem interested in fitness but do not do what they need to do.
There isn't much traffic except for some days while there are horrible drivers.
There are a few places with job opportunities, but they will not likely be one of your liking.
Not much to look forward to and nothing seems to be getting better.
There are many instances of crime in our neighborhood and random drunk people who are around.
The houses are not bad it is just the structure of how they are built that seems not so good.
There is not much outdoor scenery there are a few parks, but thats about it.
There are many places near the area I live, just not many restaurants to choose from.
There are many people of different ethnicity.
Nobody would want to be where I live