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Harney Heights is a great neighborhood, with a combination of people who have lived there for decades and new families moving in. It's pretty laid back, everyone knows who everyone is and we look after each other. The houses aren't extravagant, many are being updated, but usually they are on larger lots, so you will actually find usable yards. It's close enough to downtown to get there fast, but far enough away to keep the noise to a minimum.
While the area is an up and coming portion of town, it is still very rough around the edges and raises a sense of unease at night.
Police slowly responded to domestic violence.
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The rent is going up all over, sometimes too much.
I currently live in close proximity to down town. Rent has sky rocketed in the area and the housing shortage has made it extremely difficult to find an affordable residence in a good neighborhood. The crime in the area is somewhat out of control. The complex I live in has security cameras which has come in handy for capturing some recent vandals. I feel the police in the area are never around and are not really doing much to alleviate the problems.
I have moved away from the area several times and am excited to come back every time. I love vancouver because its close to family friends and my job. I love the weather even though it rains a lot. I know and like the school districts my child will be attending. And lastly its just an amazing place to live.
I rather live somewhere where the city is more vibrant and fun. Kind of like a college town but not quite, where you could easily talk to people and enjoy local food and such. Plus there's not a long of things to do in this area.
I have lived here for most of my life and believe I have much biased towards this area. It is my home and it feels like home and therefore, I would live here again if I could do it all over again. Not that I had any choice of living in this area because my parents have lived here with me. But yes, if I were given a choice, I would live here again. Despite growing up near the "dangerous park," the "speedy road" in front of my house that prevented my siblings and me from playing basketball in the street, and the many, many elderly residents, I love my home. I cannot compared my home to another simply because I do not know enough about another area to do so. I recently moved out of this area to attend college in Bellingham, Washington. Both areas have similar weather and geographic attractiveness which has made it easy for me to adjust to the big move. I believe this area has a good outlook in my eyes because I will be returning to it later on in my life and think many others like myself will follow.
this neighborhood used to have a higher end grocery store. they replaced it with a wall-mart. There tends to be lots of low income families living here and frequent police activity.
it rains 9 months of the year
I have a good job but we a smaller community and others do not
We have awesome outside spaces
I would still live here. I love our town even with its issues
lots of smaller business vs the large chains
We are relatively low income in my neighborhood.
We are a relatively safe space for movement
our local politics are messed up. We have underhanded dealing going on and favoritism.
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we live in old WWII base housing for the fort nearby
Everyone is friendly and we have a very diverse neighborhood