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It is not bad, there are some car vandalism and a few house break ins but overall it is okay. I do not see police cars until something is happening. I do wish their were more police in the area.
the area has a lot of diversity, this is what I like most. If I had a chance to do it over I would move out of Jersey City to a better school district. I would give this area a 5 out of 10 which could increase if the people on the block would become more freindly. Hopefully the area will get better over the years.
The area is okay, the only problem is bad people passing through, but they don't live near the area
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There is crime but it does not occur often. Most of the time i feel safe.
Some violence but overall the area is very friendly.
It's gotten worse and worse over the years. There's been shootings and murders on and around the block mainly at night. You can't even stay sitting in your car for a long time.
This area would be a lot better if some of the people around here had some sense. There's a lot of energy gone to waste in the streets, especially among the kids. Rather than running up and down the street doing whatever, they could be doing something else more productive.
This area is not the best but it also isn't the worst. There are very good schools, easily accessible public transportation, and a wonderful diverse culture. However, crime is increasing rapidly making this area intolerable to live in. While there are many good factors making people stay, all the shootings and thefts make us wonder if staying and risking our lives is truly worth it.
There is not that much around here unless you travel far
Things happen every now and then.
It's okay once again. I once had an experience were my grandfather was calling the cops because there was a man beating a woman outside our house and kept traveling up the block abusing her. my grandfather called the cops 5 times and was put on hold, never answered,and finally no one came.
The only storms that affect this area outside of Hurricane Sandy is snow storms which requires heavy coat, thick boots, and everything to cover your face due to heavy wind chills.
The most jobs come from fast food chains and if you do not start from there good luck finding jobs that always require at least a one or two years of experience.
I do not drink but I love Spanish food and soul food and that is very popular in my area
It is very hard for small businesses to succeed in the city due to big companies
it is for the most part, pretty mild the winters can be very brutal and the summers can be extremely hot but spring and fall are lovely
Not many opportunities of employment available
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The local businesses are alright, not bad but not excellent
The only places you can find jobs in this city are in retail stores or restaurants. Other jobs require you to have a set of skills or have a degree in something, and a lot of people don't go or finish college.
It's better than most cities.
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