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People always talk about how third ward is such a bad place to live, and I've had multiple people tell me that they are scared to drive through the neighborhood, but I love it. Sure there are bad parts with high crime, but as a whole it isn't bad at all. I give it an eight out of ten.
If you are attending the University of Houston, it is a good area to stay. THe neighborhood has changed a lot over the years.
The greater third ward area in Houston is changing and becoming a front face for many businesses there are endless opportunities that are being produced to help out with employment and education. Family and social friendly part of town.
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The multi cultural atmosphere in the Greater Third Ward of Houston, Tx is amazing to see. The are is full of positive energy and unique lifestyles. Nowadays you can see the progress it is making by the beautiful landscaping and building they're doing.
My expediences living in the greater Third ward area has been enlightening and very exciting. First and foremost, we are the the middle of all the happenings in Houston. We are minutes from downtown, GRG, Minute Maid Park, Discovery Green, the infamous medical center, the fabulous museum district and The Galleria... and all for a short uber or bicycle ride. Also blocks from University of Houston and Texas Southern University as well as Central Houston Community College System. Being an African american, there are so many black owned business to patronize from art stores, candle makers, restaurants, book stores, dessert & coffee shops and even the one & only black-owned bank in Houston ( Unity). There's a historically rich culture in Third Ward that makes living here an adventure and a privilege.
Greater Third Ward is a very diverse area of Houston. There are two major universities right in the heart of Third ward and prestigious students in search for a institute to expand their education at University of Houston and Texas Southern University. The community is perfect for work in medical center, downtown, and NRG stadium. Third ward is 3 minutes away from Fine arts museum district, Herman Park and golf club. Entertainment travel to midtown areas where Houstonians from all over come to socialize. The crime is on a low and the reconstruction of the neighborhood in affect mostly high rises or town homes are being build especially while the land taxes are on the low. Third Ward is a great area of Houston. I wouldnt chose any other area to live in. Transportation is not a problem. bus system and rail run daily and are convienent to use, not to mention the three interstate highways to hop right on. Over all this neighborhood is such a luxury or to some a diamond in the rough.
I'm a Norwegian international student at the University of Houston, which is located right next to an area called the Greater Third War. When I look outside my dorm room window, I can see Scott Street, which just a few blocks down intersect with Wilmington Street. That area, I found out not too long ago was ranked the second most dangerous neighborhood in America in 2015 by Estimations has it that there is a 1 in 11 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime, just down the street from where I live. These violent crimes include murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. During orientation, my first day here, campus police advised us not to go outside alone at night. My neighborhood has more single mother households than 99.8 percent of U.S. neighborhoods. It is also one of America’s lowest income neighborhoods. I do not feel safe in my neighborhood, and something needs to change.
The neighbors are nice, and the area is quiet.

I want to see some of the trash cleaned up around the neighborhood.
Always Forward, Forward Always; That's how I would describe Third Ward. The project slums where I grew up (20 winters ago) no longer exists. The dirty, filthy, grimy, gritty, and dangerous project slums of the 90's are long passed. I've seen the changes over the seasons and am proud to have witnessed the metamorphosis: from project slums to midtown living. Always Forward, Forward Always. That's Third Ward.
I never feel safe in this area.
This part of Houston is in bad shape.
Weather isn't an issue, only flooding on some streets.
There aren't many opportunities in this area of Houston, unless you are a small claims lawyer or want to work in a fastfood place.
Everything in this area takes forever, lack of staff.
It is in a bad part of Houston, everything is past due for repairs. Scary people around, not a good area for kids.
I want to be a nurse so the possibility of getting a job is very high right now. The top hospitals would be Baylor or Memorial Hermann. Most people that I know are health care workers so they enjoy working with patients and enjoy their job overall.
The food here is great! There is a huge variety and the portions/quantity is good.
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The local businesses are very convenient. They have the necessary things for college students and for a cheap price as well. Popular stores such as Walmart and Target are expensive when it comes to shopping for necessities.
My house was broken in around 2008 and a couple of other houses were broken into as well. For a few years after that, we had tight security roaming around during the days and night so that was beneficial. However, the security has died down and the risk of being robbed has increased.
The biggest problem is flooding, the smallest amount of rain and the streets flood badly