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It has become extremely gentrified. Many old SD families moving out and young families moving in with homes that have been completely renovated and brought up to date. The McKinley school being extremely desirable and shops on 30th and University Ave are very diverse and offer something for everyone. A very diverse culture of families and some renters make NP a great active community even during this pandemic.
Fun and young neighborhood, tons of small businesses. But very difficult to find housing, and not affordable. Some issues with crime- like my car got broken into and the police didn’t even bother showing up. But super walkable and the architecture and housing is amazing.
North Park is a wonderful neighbourhood with beatiful homes, interesting shops, and fun places to eat. It is trendy but still family-friendly and it's very safe. There aren't a lot of schools within North Park, especially public, but in general public education in the surrounding San Diego area isn't very good. A downside to North Park is it is not very affordable.
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I love living in north park. There’s so many restaurants and bars around, there’s always something to do. There’s even a farmers market every Thursday
There are so many different places to eat and the food is amazing. Parking isn't the greatest and some of the stores are expensive. Overall, pretty good.
A very diverse, interesting area where the people are as friendly as they are spontaneous. There's a lot of visuals in North Park in terms of art, style, architecture aesthetic, and in general ambiance of being present in the neighborhood. People are welcoming and say hello to strangers even, if you're an animal lover you'll be in heaven. It's not uncommon to have people and their fur babies right with them shopping, eating, or even in line getting coffee.
North Park is a great community with lots of entertainment and activities available and prides itself on its craft eatery offerings.
North Park is a very centralized location in San Diego. There are lots of local businesses. Cute residential area mixed with commercial. Cost of living is high, as in most areas of San Diego.
Growing up in a small rural area, North Park is not something that I am use to. That's what I love so much about it. The neighborhood is extremely diverse, from the style of foods nearby, local art work, breweries, and people from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. One of the best things is that it is extremely doggy friendly! I can see myself spending quite some time here.
North Park is great because many people have access to the large park next to their homes, which provides easy access for physical activities and relaxing walks. I enjoy being a couple blocks away from a part, but I know that if you live a little bit further, you are stuck near the worse parts of San Diego. With many homeless people and drugs going around that I have noticed multiple times.
This neighborhood is great! It is lively and welcoming to all, great food and entertainment everywhere. The homeless population is pretty big but the community does a lot to help them and most that stick around here are very nice.
I love this neighborhood! People are friendly for the most part, and there are always events and activities happening.
Lots to do but you can't afford to do it if you live here. Forget about parking anywhere after about 3pm it on weekends
Great spot, central to most of San Diego, with a lot of fantastic bars and restaurants in the area. It's an affordable (for San Diego), eclectic neighborhood, and has a mix of different ethnic and cultural tastes.
Always a pleasant experience in the neighborhood. The quirks are plenty and it's never a dull day. Most people are friendly and the sense of community is fairly strong. I love living near Balboa Park.
North Park has been a great place for my husband and I to live during the last year. We're originally from the east coast and CA is VERY different. There is never humidity, it's almost always sunny, and the coldest it gets is about 55 degrees F. North Park is a small community north of Balboa Park and it's mostly known for its microbreweries. There are a lot of great places to eat, grab a "craft" beer, and hang out with friends. There are also a lot of coffee shops and Mexican restaurants. And they're ALL so good! The Mexican food in southern CA is amazing. But one of the best parts about this area is how pet-friendly everyone and everything is. There are doggie water bowls outside almost every shop and restaurant, and some restaurants even have doggie menus! There is a lot to do here and the weather never holds you back.
The community has improved in the last 10 years such as lower crime rates, great local gatherings,local businesses, friendly neighborhoods. Very safe area to go out with family and friends for a breakfast meal or great restaurant and bars.
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The North Park area is a comfortable and eclectic area of San Diego. If you enjoy food and friendly atmosphere matched with healthy options and a wealth of entertainment then you would be crazy not to stop off in North Park to take a look around.
This place has everything you might want in a neighborhood. It's close to the city, but far away enough to get away from all the noise. The culture is great, the community is great, it's a nice place to live.
North park has a ton of small, local businesses and neighborhoods. The people are friendly, although many of them get the reputation for being "hispters". There are a ton of great food choices however, parking tends to be an issue. Overall it is a great area with tons of art, quirky shops, and great places to explore.
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