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I lived in Great Kills over a decade and am happier than words can express for having moved away. The neighbors all know each other and each other's business, and act like they are all sophomores in high school. It's cliquey, juvenile, racist and ignorant for the most part. Many city workers live out there, but even the good ones turn a blind eye when the bad ones flout the law. I am not surprised there is a drug problem out there and am sorry things will only get worse.
Great kills is a mostly white neighborhood that has a very safe feeling during the day, but by the train station can have some druggies out at night. However, there are schools all around and the neighbors all know each other.
There is a lot of crime and drugs in the area and there is not much to do for teenagers so they are bored and get into doing drugs. I like the neighborhood but not the things that go on in it. Therefore, I don't think that I would live here again.
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Not many natural disasters, the weather provides a nice variety with all of the seasons.
The dining options are good but there aren't as many nightlife options
There's not many places for employment in the area other than schools
Great kills town is pretty run down with shady characters