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There are quite a few mom-and-pop convenience stores that are scattered throughout the neighborhood. The closest mom-and-pop store is just a block over. While it is convenient, it's a traffic nightmare that would never be allowed in a suburban neighborhood. The nearest grocery store chains don't stock the healthy variety of foods that you find in the same chains outside of the neighborhood. I usually have to travel outside of the neighborhood to do decent grocery shopping.
There are occasional community efforts that exist in an attempt to eliminate the violence that takes place in the neighborhood. There a number of older residents that worked hard for most of their lives and typically don't bother anyone. Unfortunately, there have been times when I didn't need to turn on the news to hear about the latest shooting because all I have to do is walk no further than the end of block to see the police tape or the sheet over the body laying in the road. There is no respect for authority, human life, or even common decency. When my family are I able to afford to get out of here, we're leaving for good. There will be no turning back.
This is a high crime neighborhood where drive by shootings take place. Besides that, I tried jogging in this neighborhood a few times but I learned the hard way that people don't always keep their aggressive dogs fenced in. So now I have a gym membership that is outside of the neighborhood.
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There aren't very many jobs in this part of town. My commute to work is always outside of this neighborhood.