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I think in the future I could give more stars. It is an up and coming neighborhood. Hoping they are planning on building more stores or restaurants in the neighborhood.
I've lived here for two years now and before there really wasn't much, but now it's expanding there are new stores being built and some opened already that there wasn't before.
Up and coming area with traditional ties to crime or displacement of lower socioeconomic families. Working in this area is a blessing. The children in the area need more positive role models and more constructive things to do.
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GVR is such a great and beautiful place to live. Has grown so much in the last couple of years, but because of this I feel that the real estate market has gone up to a ridiculous amount. Their are now houses being built everywhere which is good, but it would be nice to see businesses expand as well.
I have worked in the area for the past 8 years and recently moved into the area. Overall there is a great community feeling. The area is growing quickly and in desperate need of grocery stores and entertainment. Restaurants are stepping it up to more than just fast food.
I love my neighborhood. I was able to buy a brand new townhouse that's amazing. You get a lot more bang for your buck in GVR. My neighbors are nice and there are some great parks. I read that we are getting a Natural Grocer down the street so I'll have my organic options near by
What I like about Green Valley is that there's a lot of accessibility for example the Denver International Airport isn't too far. There's a light rail just a few minutes away. There's grocery stores, food places and etc. I have been living in Green Valley for almost 10 years now and I have witnessed this neighborhood develop a lot I can recall a lot of new things that weren't here when I initially moved here.
I LOVE THE AREA ... It is the HOA (even though no monthly fees, they are still there) that makes it unbearable... to the point I have moved and now rent it out.

Here is the issue:

For the money you will pay for houses in this area, you should NOT have to be harassed by an Overbearing HOA.

There are no fees... unless you go two weeks without pulling grass from your rocks OR have a 6 inch brown spot in your yard OR have a piece of your blind broken off from your 6yr old OR your tree has spots... Then threatened with Fines.

I have been targeted for these things, working 50+ hrs a week... getting threatening letters randomly will be very upsetting and will get old VERY quick.

HOA's claim "HOA's keep home values up" --- This is a LIE ...

(If HOA ever leaves, it will be a great place)

I am a real person, not a troll ... I got blocked on another site for trying to warn people.
With many opportunities available, there is so much to do in this neighborhood. From movies in the park to events held at your local library, you could never run out of things to do here.
It's a decent neighborhood. There's not much to do here. Neighbors don't really talk to you as much as the movies make it out. There are some really annoying people who can't drive or do drive, but break the law, but it's only a few. It's the right neighborhood if you're not interested in talking to many people.
The people there are great. Bit expensive but the community is great... There's pools and a gym and stuff
I have lived in Green Valley Ranch as long as I can remember and so far I haven't seen anything that has made me feel unsafe in my neighborhood, and for this am thankful. My neighborhood is in one of the wealthiest in Colorado, however, it has a great sense of community and I know this because everyone always says hi to each other and we there a neighborhood yard sale it's where my community really comes together. Something I love about my community whenever there's a tragedy we always come together in a town hall to discuss what had happened. Something that's interesting about my neighborhood is that it's slowly starting Supergrass I can see new constructions being built and new people moving in and being welcome. Overall my experience in green valley ranch had been excellent.
Green Valley Ranch is a growing neighborhood with a great amount of diversity. Over the years, it has been growing nonstop, but this has provided a great number of job opportunities and a large, but connected, community. While it lacks in the nightlife, seeing that most of the nightlife happens in downtown Denver, there is still a lot to do in the area.
I love Green Valley Ranch. I have been living here since I was 3 and all my experiences as a child have been great. This is a great community and growing up here has been very easy, safe, and fun for me.
Very neighbor focus area. Mostly friendly people, who enjoy helping each other out. Home owners association can be strict, but just fight for what is right.
This community is close to the airport and away but close enough to the city. For the most part, it is safe. The house built between 2004-2010 are made sturdy, the 2011 and up not so much. This community has one of the best golf courses in the state; it is well maintained. HOA requires most of the people in the community to take care of their lawn! There is a good amount of schools around the area. New development is coming this way. We are in high need of more grocery stores (WHOLE FOODS, TRADER JOES, SPROUTS) !!! Overall a good neighborhood.
Super safe! There are so many great schools here, since this is apart of Denver (DPS). You can go and do lots of activities and places like: the Denver Public Library, the IMAX, the Denver Zoo, recreational/sports parks, try new foods, and there is even a golf course - plus club! Right next to the Denver International Airport, so there is a lot of job opportunities. Whether if your a parent or a teen babysitting down the street or working at the local restaurants nearby. Have fun and definitely bring the kids along, this is the best place to buy a house to continue or start a new happy family.
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After moving from Chicago into Denver I was scared that I wasn't going to able to find community. But moving into Green Valley Ranch was the best decision. It is home to many different ethnicity's. It is home to a variety of people and cultures I love it.
Very peaceful and friendly people. Suburb neighborhood about 10 minutes from Denver International Airport. Great location for light rail. All essential grocery stores. Variety of food option.
I have lived here for 5 years. My property value has increased 80%. I am very vocal and contact the HOA promptly when one neighbor fails to cut grass or pick weeds. As a result, we have one of the prettiest blocks in the division. The area is very green and beautiful and due to rising house rates, the residents are more careful about how they care for their homes. There is also a 40% increase in the number of retailers and restaurants and the Gaylord Hotel will be complete in 2018 which will make the area even more desirable. The proximity to the airport is excellent.

I suggest that neighbors and residents be vigilant and proactive about contacting councilwoman Staci Gilmore or the HOA with ANY problems to show that GVR residents care about their neighborhood just as much as those in Stapleton, Park Hill or Cherry Creek and GVR will continue to be a great place to live!
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