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All houses are new to 10 years old.
Lots of nice people from all back grounds.
I have not experienced any reason to be concerned about crime or safety.
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I love living in this area. My neighbors are nice and welcoming. There seems to be a sense of trust within all of us.
New houses,still building,lots of police living here.
A new and growing area.
Very safe area, minimal crime.
Excellent Schools and close to shopping. Short drive to downtown and major sports teams.
The safety in this area is impeccable. Police officers are on the roads all the time making sure people are obeying the speed limits and traffic laws. If there is an emergency they can get to the scene in a timely manner because stations are strategically placed to reach multiple neighborhoods and communities quickly. Crime is really not a big issue where I live but the few incidents that we have had, they were taken seriously.
The atmosphere of the area I live in is great. I see people outside running, walking their dogs, and pushing baby strollers every day in the spring and summer. I remember having emergency vehicles outside our home a few years ago, and receiving dozens of calls from our neighbors to make sure that our family was okay. The people that live in my area are caring and loving. I would live here again if I had to. However, I do see myself living somewhere near a beach as I am from Hawaii and have an urge for the water. Compared to other parts of the country I live in a very clean, safe, and warm place. I see a bright future for this area due to roads being repaved, holes filled, and new, awesome people continuing to move in and call it their home too.
I love this neighborhood, I only left for school!
I don't have much experience with any other living space, so I feel like this is a weird question.
There is a lack of diversity and families are very closed off (not a lot of interaction between neighbors). They are either hostile or awkward. The young boys in the area run wild and their parents don't do much to control them. It's a pretty, peaceful neighborhood though.
Overall experience has been great. I love the area.
When I was younger, I used to think living in KC was like living in the middle of nowhere. But now that I am older, I realize it is the opposite. The cost of living isn't terribly high, compared to the east and west coast cities. The suburbs as spacious and generally have a safe atmosphere. For entertainment, we are lucky to have an amusement park, and downtown KC is filled with cool places to eat and hangout, as well as a wonderful art museum. You'll always find something new to do. It's a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family, I love living here.
I think that those who are willing to take the step and find a job, will be pleased with the outcome. Whether its serving in a bar or sitting behind a desk, the job outlook in this area is on the come up and has a lot more potential than other areas in this city. Most people who live in this area hold professional jobs such as engineers for the city to healthcare professionals to marketing/journalism associates.
This beer emporium is amazing. Friendly and energetic staff with an exceptional knowledge of beers. The quality of the food is impeccable and was received in a timely manner despite the very busy environment.
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Everyone is friendly and you always see majority of the neighbors kids outside playing together.
Starting off with Fall, the weather is great. Its never too cool or hot and it always seems to be cool enough for a thin jacket. As far as winter its one of my least favorite because of the cold and snow that this area gets every year. Next, spring seems to be a mixture of fall and winter because one day we might get snow in March and the next day it may feel as if the month is September instead of March. This area is also well known for thunderstorms to occur biweekly and also known to have rain showers that last for at least three days straight. Lastly is Summer, it gets very hot everyday of the week and sometimes its so hot that you have to stay in the house. For Fall my wardrobe consist of a light jacket, capris, short sleeve shirts and pants. Winter, my wardrobe consist of a coat, heavy jacket, thermals, boots, pants, hats and gloves. Spring; rain jacket, pants, sometimes coats, hats and gloves. Lastly Summer; shorts, sandals, short sleeve shirts, and tank tops.
Since I am not old enough to experience the night and bar life in the area I live, I will talk about the restaurant experience. Within a three mile radius from my house i have the options of going to Taco Bueno or Taco Bell if I am in the mood for Mexican food. Or go to places like Olive Garden and Red Lobster for a special occasion to dine; there is also a McDonald's, KFC, and Subway if I'm not in the mood for a home cooked meal. Overall the options are great considering the fact that all seven restaurants are three or less miles away from my home.