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As an Africa America I’ve Lived in Frankford all my life (18 years) and made the best decision ever to relocate to Florida years ago. My mom still lives there and the only way she sees me is if she visits me. It’s a terrible area to live in, I don’t feel safe driving through the hood. Neighborhood vs neighborhood which result in wars and so many deaths and friends lost. Schools are poorly rated, nothing but bullying, senseless violence and rape. You have to always watch your back because you can be robbed or caught in a shoot out at any time in broad daylight. It’s not a place to raise a family at all. Neighborhoods are infested and homes are ran down because neighbors live like pigs. The only great thing about here is being able to commute easily everywhere hopefully without being robbed. Who ever rates this area anything above a 1 lives past fkd high school and stays in the house or lived here in the 80’s before the ghetto took over. Trust me STAY AWAY!!
There is a very defined and obvious line of homeowners and renters in this neighborhood. You can tell my mother's house is the last building of home owned properties on my block by the clean swept neat front yards and sidewalks right across from trash and cigarette littered overgrown patches of grass.

The evening air is hard to enjoy with the scent of marijuana drifting down the block. The convenience of a national chain pharmacy and major transportation hub is dampered by the wind tossed litter swirling around the corner hustlers on my short 5 minute walk to center city bound train and cross town buses.

My immediate neighbors adjacent to the house are friendly and considerate so we gladly take turns shoveling each others sidewalks. We do worry about the rare stray bullets in those hot summer nights where people's tempers tend to flare up.

Overall, our home is situated in a very convenient yet dodgy after 10pm kind of neighborhood. About to celebrate a decade in Frankford.
If you love heroin and the colorful characters and drifters that go along with it, this is your place. I would never drive through here with my children in the car, too many things to explain.
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It's a 20-minute ride to downtown or north to the malls. Frankford is home to the Septa Terminal, ( public transportation) it links to Amtrak and Patco. You can catch a ride anywhere. short walk trip to convenience stores, gas stations, the Frankford hospital, clinics, or gyms. It's active in the daytime and dangerous at night ( police/ ambulance sirens/ dog barking). Neighbors are usually selfish. Frankford Ave is home to prostitutes, drug dealers, and homeless. The farther away from Frankford Ave. the better. Wandering children like to stir up trouble. Make sure to lock up at night, that neighborhood is prone to break-ins/burglary. It's better than it was but only if the police keep up their presence there. Philadelphia is very saturated, high unemployment. If you don't know someone to get you in the door in even the smallest jobs, the job interview will be wasted.
I am not a big fan of this neighborhood. It is not a great neighborhood but my neighbors are good and they look out for each other. It is not a neighborhood I would want my family to live in in the future, it is unpredictable and has very many drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals and much more.
Public transportation is convenient due to the el and frequent bus routes, shopping centers are nearby and walking distance. It isn't too expensive to live but i'd rather pay more for a piece of mind. This area isn't too safe.
i grew up in frankford, the area was safe back in the 90's but now it has gone down tremendously. there are a lot of abandoned house, prostitution & crime. if i had the money to move i would. it is no longer family friendly.
This is over all a safe area I feel really good about living here and even raising a child here.
I love this area, but people are losing their homes.
My area is not as bad as others but we have do have violence that occurs. I will say its better if you stay in at night
Living in my area has its ups and downs, overall i think its an okay place but there are days where id rather be somewhere else due for my own safety. Compared to other places i have visited they will consider where i live a dump. hopefully my neighborhood can get better in the future but i don't see that happening.
The area is filled with drug dealers and their dealees. Never any leave. There's always noise throughout the day. No one seems to have an ounce of respect around here.
The crime and safety in this area is pretty bad i'm close to a neighborhood that best, the police are around a little more so that's good
The overall experience of this area is okay. It's not the best but not the worst.
What you put in is what you'll get out. For example, if you stay to yourself you'll be involved in less drama.
I see nothing but bad for the future of this neighborhood
Living in Philadelphia was one of the best experiences I have had by far. There was also something to do and new things to get involved in. The city carries a lot of love with it.
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Carr accidents on a weekly basis sometimes daily. Constant ambulance traffic. Constant shoot outs and murders of children and adults. Racoons destroying gardens and breaking and entering homes. If the city doesnt help fix this area it will soon become a drug infested and prostitution infested area.
I would choose to live somewhere else if I had the choice. It can be a little cleaner and a little more quiet.
The cops never come when called and they don't really show any concern if you're lucky enough to have one grace you with their presence