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I have lived in the Fishers Landing area, for ten years now. I feel at home, comfortable and safe. Being a woman, sometimes walking out in the dark can be terrifying; however, in Fishers Landing East I don't have that issue.
I love this side of town. Its quiet but convenient and has many grocers near by as well as restaurants. Portland is just 15 minutes away with nearby every freeway access.
Not much goes down in town.
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It rains majority of the year, but when it gets sunny out its purely beautiful. The city of Vancouver offers many great activities for family's and groups of friends to enjoy and hang out at like concerts in the parks and a 3v3 Basketball Tournaments.
The education system of the area is getting worse in comparison to nearby Washington cities; however, the districts are still exceeding standards.
Crime is not something you hear of often. My neighborhood feels very safe and I am not afraid to be walking alone.
It's a beautiful area with great schools, local businesses, and proximity to both Portland's metropolis and the natural beauty of the pacific northwest.
It is an extremely nice area, generally pretty safe. Close access to the bridge. Nice neighborhoods. Good seasons. Great for families. I think this area ranks generally pretty high over other places I have visited.
I thoroughly enjoy living and working in Vancouver, Washington. Although there is room for improvement, great things do happen here.
There are so many different places you can go out and eat at! My personal favorite is going to Leonardos pizza and ordering a Fat Cow pizza. Chipotle is also really popular. Woody's Tacos is a small cute taco shop downtown that makes the best tacos you will ever have!
There isn't a lot of Mom-and-pop stores but there is an abundance of variety when it comes to choosing where to shop. My favorite place to buy organic produce is Chucks, the fruit and vegis there are super yummy! I doubt that you wouldn't be able to find everything you needed in the area. Theres everything from phone companies, tv and applainces stores, fitness related companies, massage and therapy, cigar shops, clothing stores, foreign stores (like the world market- it has a ton of stuff shipped from placed from all over Europe. everything from furniture, glassware, toys, candy, and food).
The area is surrounded by multiple businesses. Some include, Walmart, Costco, retail stores (target, JC Penny, Kohls, ect.), food and restaurant businesses are also scattered everywhere (starbucks, On the Border, Killer Burger, Burgerville, Subway, ect). Most people here work in the health field and technology. Peace Health is a huge local employer. Its fairly easy to get a job because there are always new openings available. There are also a lot of people who work in law or the justice system.
There are a lot of sidewalks in Vancouver and several bike paths available for bicyclists. This city is very pedestrian/bicycle friendly! You can almost always find parking, although in the downtown area, it is mostly metered paid parking. There have been issues with congestion in certain high-traffic areas, but the city is pretty prompt in coming up with a solution and implementing the changes necessary to fix the problem.
The public services in Vancouver are pretty good...the response time by police and fire are pretty quick...Fire Stations are located around the city and make it easy for them to respond to an emergence in a quick manner. Vancouver uses 911 as both the emergency and non-emergency number, so it does seem odd calling that number when it is not an emergency.
Vancouver is a very spread out city and like almost any city, there are "good" areas and "bad" areas in which to live. Fisher's Landing and Salmon Creek are a couple areas that are the best to reside in as far as the schools are concerned. You will find family friendly neighborhoods in both of these areas that are close to shopping and restaurants...several within walking distance.
There are several gyms within a couple of miles of my home. This area is also very bicycle friendly...there are plenty of bike lanes and well paved paths for those who enjoy bicycling. You will also find people walking their pets on local trails and in their neighborhoods. There are two major hospitals in Vancouver and doctor's offices are scattered around the city in such a manner that they are convenient to almost every neighborhood. Vancouver is located just across the Columbia River from major metropolitan city, Portland, Oregon.