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Want to live in an affordable neighborhood that easily connects to all Seattle's major destinations through public transportation? Look no further! As one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods, First Hill has a unique charm and character that appeals to all. With a vast diversity in food options and convenient access to 24-hour stores, it is easy to fall in love.
The homeless and drug problem is out of control. I'm afraid to walk in the grass in fear of stepping on a needle or human feces.
The setting and places to go get more different the more streets you travel. Perfect dining options, clubs, and nightlife make the experience all the more rewarding.
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Sometimes we hear of robbing on the Jefferson street
I would live here again if it were not very expensive. Also Capitol Hill, it's really noisy somehow with the police and ambulance from the Swedish hospital
There is crime but ive never been directly affected by it
there are tons of nature filled things to do in seattle
The housing is great depending on the area
I really enjoy the weather but it is quiet rain-y
There are tons of places that might need part time people
there are tons of small local business
Housing is very expensive in Capitol Hill! You may have to commute to work in the area to save money on housing.
People in Capitol Hill are generally laidback and easy to be around. This area is very pet friendly; you will see people walking their dogs on a daily basis.
Seattle has the classic Pacific Northwest weather: generally not too hot or cold, with enough precipitation to keep things fresh and clean.
Most restaurants are within walking distance and cater to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. There is a variety of cuisines.
Seattle has employers like Boeing and Microsoft, so job prospects are good. Also, the minimum wage is being raised to $15 an hour.
The Biscuit Box is a wonderful, local food truck that comes to the Seattle University campus every Tuesday. Mad Dogs is a hot dog/veggie dog food truck located on 12th Ave across from the SU campus. They offer tasty $5 late night dogs on the weekends.