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Feltonville is a okay neighborhood. I went to Olney High school and I had an okay experience there. I wouldn't say the neighborhood is super safe but it's better than North Philly.
The crime in my area is getting high. We live next to a police station yet they always arrive late. I believe that is one of the biggist problem in the community. We have shooting here and there but alot of peopls be outside selling drugs not caring for the children who live there.
When walking around my area you need to pay attendtion of your surrounding. People can see that your new and will try to hurt you or scare you. I wouldnt want to live in my area if i could choose where i live. Its future is going nowhere. The community is dying and no one is doing nothing to help it.
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The neighborhood is not safe at all. Many crimes happen at night and sometimes during the day.
Many crimes happen in the neighborhoods nearby. I usually don't feel safe walking at night here but sometimes one must do so.
Thankfully, we don't experience high crime or much crime in my current neighborhood. Everyone is friendly and supports each other as much as possible. Everyone especially looks out after the younger kids.
The area is full of young kids, 10 years old and under, but there is not much to see or do on a daily basis. A play center would be great to keep the kids busy and occupied. Street cleaning would be a great help. The local pool and library as well as the park need upgrades and work done. I would love for the area to be more kid friendly and safe.
There is hardly any crime that I know of.
I've lived here my whole life; has always been quiet
This isn't a terrible neighborhood but things do happen sometimes though crime isn't something I worry about. I feel safe walking around my neighborhood. Police aren't always visible.
This neighborhood is okay. It's not rock bottom, but if I could choose to live elsewhere, I would. However, this doesn't mean that the neighborhood doesn't have potential or a few hidden gems. The area is filled with youth and is thriving with people from all different types of backgrounds, particularly latin/hispanic. I hope that this are will grow but I don't know how long that would take
My first years living here as a child I was able to run outside at anytime of the day and it be safe because everyone knew each other, now there's younger kids being shot in broad day light, getting kidnapped, rapped, and killed, it just doesn't seem safe to be out in the streets.
Its perfect, different everywhere you go, and you get to choose your own style of home
Many people have no jobs, many homeless people, cant find jobs, im having a hard time my self
Phillys cheesesteaks, everyone loves them their juicy and delicious.
The safety in this area is scary, breakings in homes , robberies of belongings
The weather in this area is just perfect. You get to experience all the different seasons at different times, you get to feel the cold, hot , and warm weather. I have everything needed for the different seasons in my wardrobe.
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You can find everything you need in plenty of stores. Walmart has everything from books, to cakes, children needs, women needs, men needs, house ware.
There are so many stores and place to work at
There is store on every block a great place