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I've lived in Ensley Highlands my whole life and there are some great things about the neighborhood, but there are some things that shouldn't be mention. Overall, it's a decent neighborhood.
Our community is small but very charming but has nothing to help a person live healthy and lifestyle. I would love to see a track to walk on.A place that all the residents can enjoy in peace it would be so nice if we had a gym close by as well. We have a park about ten minutes away but it needs new equipment and work on the the things that the kids can enjoy.Our streets need to be fixed it would be so nice to have a flower garden and a nice fruit stand that is open every day with a variety of veggies as well. I feel as if the community was more beautiful the people would keep the community looking good.
I live in an older neighborhood. I would like to see more street lights, more patrol from law enforcement.
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There's meetings every Tuesday to try to improve things around this area and residents do their best to get involved, even if they can't all the time.
Nothing to terrible actually goes on within the neighborhood with the residents but it's outsiders who try on rare occassions, so there really is no concern.
It's shrunk and grown in recent years, becoming more filled with life as of late and more people are becoming active with one another. I know we're not the best but we try to get along even a few try to ruin it. We may not talk together a lot as a whole but we are together.