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Englewood is a poor community where low class, middle-class people reside. I dislike almost everything about this neighborhood. The only good things I see is the church around the corner from my home feeding the homeless every Saturday morning and the new and improved school for the community. However, people, including me, have a hard time feeling safe outside- whether it's going to the store, walking to school, the park or even to your car, you are putting your life at risk. The crime rates are very high and there are predominately black people and few Mexicans that live in this area. Mostly people with low income are struggling to deal with the violence and unemployment and I wish it could change. Englewood needs more diversity, job opportunities and crime control.
I grew up in Englewood. It use to be safe but over the years community safety has declined and the neighborhood value has declined. I would like to see the community get back involved.
I loved my neighborhood growing up, but as I’ve gotten older the neighborhood has went down the drain when it comes to the look of it along with the people who have moved away. However the best thing to come from my neighborhood is my school where it is a safe space for everyone.
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I really like Englewood as an overall neighborhood because usually everyone gets along and you have support from a lot of people.
I like Englewood area because it offered a safe place for me and my family. My grandparents moved to the area from Memphis Tennessee. They raised their children, my aunts and uncle whom all graduated college and living in the Suburban area. Over time Englewood I believe has gotten a bad reputation of being a violent area which makes it unattractive to live there however the homes in Inglewood are beautiful and will have some of the nicest properties. And once I finish school and receive my degrees I am not leaving Englewood my plan is to have my home builders from the ground up. Englewood used to be a food desert now we have stores like whole foods nice restaurants like chipotle coffee shops like Starbucks. Companies are starting to invest in the development of Englewood and I am grateful for that.
I grow up in Englewood and currently reside there . My son attends charter school Englewood . We also have the elevated Green line that runs to our downtown area. We also have an major grocery store within the neighborhood.
I go to Lindblom Math & Science Academy located in the Englewood neighborhood. I love my school but, the neighborhood could be better. The area around Lindblom is relatively safe but the area farther than ashland/damon is not the best.
Growing up here was something I would almost rather forget than drudge up. Even coming back to visit family my head is on a swivel for my personal safety the second I am back on the block. I think even my days of returning for the holidays are coming to an end. I just can't take it anymore. Too many bad memories, and to this day much of Englewood is still infested with violent sociopaths who make life miserable for everyone else.

If you are thinking about living here, please don't. There is absolutely nothing positive that can come from it. Quite the contrary actually. It's a living environment that can potentially scar you for life, both physically and emotionally.

They would really almost be doing the world a favor by just bulldozing Englewood and starting over again.
Not a good place for some people to stay. School isn’t good staff always have a attitude talk rudely to the kids and just not a good place to be right now.
Englewood is currently being gentrified, and many of the residents have been displaced. The neighborhood has great bones, but mostly has been left for the incoming gentrifyers to fix the neighborhood. Englewood is my home, and I was raised in that neighborhood. I would love to see a restoration of the neighborhood. Even if the neighborhood wasn't being gentrified, Englewood has many hidden gems. Those gems include, fantastic restaurants, beautiful gardens, and some amazing street art. As a new age is coming to Englewood, I hope that the history and great things that are there now wont be removed. I instead wish for them to be highlighted.
It’s riddled with gangs low life’s houses boarded up yuck not a good place very high crime rate it should be shut down n built up
I have lived in Englewood all my life. I have lost friends and family to death or the system.How do we get out of this vicious cycle? It only starts with one who’s going to be the person to stand up and have a voice? Black lives do matter but we can’t just sit back and let someone else do all the work. We all have to get involved. We have to do better. I see everybody talking about change but you have to get up and go and make change in our community. Don’t say that there is nothing you can do as a person because every voice matters. It’s not about changing the world--it’s about the power of one. Changing one life at a time. If we don’t take a stand who will? If we don’t get it together today and take that stand were gonna die off slowly. lets help make englewood a better place.
The gun violence is horrible, the living conditions are deplorable, the public school education is third world, and the job market is no exception there are no jobs available for my community.
It is very dangerous. Kids cannot go outside anymore and any adult is in danger. Living over there feels like jail.
As being a resident of Englewood my entire life I have seen this neighborhood grow into the place it is today. Besides the new gentrification happening I wouldn't be happier, Englewood is feeling like a safe place again and not just an infamous neighborhood is known for run-down houses and gangbangers on each street. I actually feel safe walking to and from school and even down to bus stops but one thing I must say that there is a lot of work to do for obtaining resources for our community that actually inside of the community. Barely any grocery stores, foods besides fast and junk food, and no shopping centers neither. If Englewood fights gentrification prices and brings more resources to the community we will be better than ever before.
The neighborhood is just poorly taken care of and some of the houses have been there so long that they are starting to fall apart.
The Englewood community Is where I was born and raised. If you can survive in this neighborhood, you can make it any where.
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Englewood Chicago can be a deadly place if you are not careful the only reason me and my family have stayed safe for so long is because we live in between two school and and lot of police hang around these schools. However danger has still come close, there have several shootings of the years that have been right next door or at the at the end of our block and sometimes behind us. There are at least 3 gangs that sit on both sides of the park even the residents can sometimes pose a threat because they are and can be ignorant.
I like the fact that I have people to talk to and the restaurants we do have around but overall it's not that great of a living environment and I never understood why all of the food places don't hire the youth when they say they are hiring but end up hiring someone completely older. Its not much town houses nor club houses for the youth that's free or at least affordable to keep the kids off of the street.
All gang infested. Non stop shootings. If this town got nuked the crime rate in Chicago would dramatically change. Nobody works in this neighborhood. Every house has been shot at or turned into a trap house. All the parents worry constantly about their kids getting shot on the way to school. 70 murders reported this year but 100 unreported murders literally this town auburn Gresham Anything surrounding these areas just need to be destroyed and nuked