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Eldridge / West Oaks Reviews

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Where I live in Tina Oaks, it's pretty quiet. The neighbors are friendly with each other and the community is well kept and peaceful.
I enjoyed every bit of my stay there..the truth is am just Kenyan girl who is trying to follow her dream of studying abroad whether Denmark or Australia.
As with any area in Houston crime in inevitable. However the area I'm in they have a 24 blur security patrol and security cameras through out the complex
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The area is conveniently located 15 mins from any direction of Houston. Very culturally diverse regardless of which way you drive. The schools are very close, easily accessible for public transportation and it's away from the noise of Houston.
Lots of suspicious walkers around the neighborhood, due to the fact that there's a cheaper apartment complex right next to the neighborhood.
The area is very close to main streets, like Westheimer and Highway 6, so getting to freeways are easy. It is also in the middle of a lot of small businesses, especially restaurants.
Crime is very low and a safe environment overall.
The area where I currently reside is a luxurious place that is cool, calm, and collected. With there being a mall across the street from my home makes it safe and convenient to walk across and explore the wonderful venture established. Moreover there is many food restaurants like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Dunkin Donuts fairly close by to my pleasure.To sum it all up this area would be my residency when I buy my first home in the future. Yet I would not rank this area compared to others in the U.S because I simply have not visited or experience living in those areas.
I've personally never had a problem with crime and safety in this area, although the area is very near housing projects which I do hear occasionally have some issues.
I lived in this area for my entire adolescent life, so I didn't know much else apart from it. Growing up in the suburbs definitely has its advantages. For one, everything you need is right at your finger tips. Huge grocery stores, malls, and endless amounts of restaurants are all within a very close proximity. I recently moved off to the big city of New York and more specifically Manhattan. These two places are worlds apart, but I often find myself wishing I could be back in the suburbs. Aside from the prices, the suburbs offers a more "home-y" feel in general.
There's not that much crime in the area. However, the incidents that occur are robberies. There have been some incidents of vandalism but it is not common. People have started putting up surveillance cameras for their safety. Also, a security guard circles the neighborhood to make sure the area remains safe. Some concerns I have would be the gate at the front of our neighborhood and how it remains open for multiple minutes at a time. This allows people who do not live in the neighborhood to enter the community. I think there should be a gate guard.
No concerns about safety whatsoever.
It's mostly quiet.I can proudly say I've not been robbed or i've not had confrontations with my neighbors
The safety here is very well. I've never felt unsafe. There a specific areas where there is crime, but most people avoid those areas as much as possible. But 80% of the time there has always been a safe city.
Overall, My experience here living in Houston has been the best. The only thing is that the main attractions are usually an hour away. But the people and the environment is always amazing. The education system is good and beginning to improve as the years go by.
I have not heard of very many crimes but the area itself is known as not being safe. It wouldn't be a good idea to go out late at night alone.
I love the area because it is where I grew up. It was definitely safer and nicer 10 years ago but it is still a good place to live. There are many grocery stores/clothing stores and a mall close by. You are not too far from restaurants and if you drive for about two miles, the area does get better. In the future, I see more businesses opening and more people buying the houses in the neighborhood to remodel them. I would probably not live here a third time but I would buy a house and have it rented out.
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The area I live in is okay. It is about 20 minutes away from the heart of the city. Downtown Houston is different, however, I wish Houston were a lot more like Austin, Texas.
We have only lived here a few months and have only seen/heard one incident and the police handled it well
We researched many places and this place had everything we were looking for and its conveniently around everything