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Echo Highlands Reviews

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When it is a nice day, the neighborhood looks great.
There are a couple different ethnicities and races in this area.
If I could do it all over, I would still live in this area.
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Not many visitors come in this area and there are almost never any local events.
Since it isn't a high traffic area, there aren't many passerbys that speed and get in accidents.
The safety in this area is really good. There isn't much violence or anything going on around here.
I like the community. Its a quiet neighborhood and many of the people that live in the area have been here since I was young.
There aren't many local businesses in the area.
There aren't many closeby businesses.
There aren't often any emergency calls, but when there are incidents the help comes quickly.
Aren't any in the area.
I'm not sure about the health of others in the neighborhood. However, many of them go out to walk around the neighborhood.
There aren't many restaurants in a close radius of my area.