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I love my city. It's very chaotic sometimes but at the end of the day it is home to me. There is so much culture in my neighborhood. So many different ones. The environment is like no other to me. When I travel somewhere else I feel strange because it's not home. It feels weird to be somewhere else. you get used to the activities around your city and all the people around.
East San Jose is a great place to live. It is very diverse and has a lively Latino community. As a Latino, East San Jose has taught me to be proud of my culture and has helped me learn more about our history.
East San Jose has something for everyone of all ages. While certain neighborhoods can be unsafe during the night, East San Jose is typically safe during the day.
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East San Jose is home to many diverse people. There are many job opportunities around but it is very expensive to live here. The East Hills of Alum Rock are beautiful. Visit the Alum Rock park, James Lick Observatory, The Grand View Restaurant. Lots of convenient shopping malls.
The community is very diverse. The housing prices are really high but the schools in this district are very high quality, preparing students to be college ready.
East side San Jose is perfect for people looking for jobs, there are many job opportunities here. There are also many restaurants and places to hang out. However, safety and affordability is a concern.
This neighborhood compared to others in the country is pretty expensive I believe? Because we live in Silicon Valley.
East San Jose is a buzzing multicultural center where Vietnamese and Mexican cultures coexist. It is always in movement and there is so much good food!
I love the diversity within this part of the city of San Jose. The majority of the communal centers are targeted towards the majority population of hispanic origin. There are a lot of immigrant families as there are new generations of being of ethnic-American. I would like to see more affordable whole foods markets within these areas to make accessibility for eating well. I want to see less fast food restaurants, and I want to see more updated technology to improve the area.
I have lived in the Eastside all my life as well as most of my extended family. There is a sense of community here. Eastside San Jose has been characterized as the ghetto and crime filled part of the city, yet I believe the community has gotten better and is only positively growing. Residents for the most part are friendly. The schools in the area such as, Ida Jew Academies and Mount Pleasant High School which I have attended are great. There are tons of activities to do in the area. From going to parks, shopping, eating out at good restaurants, etc. Overall, I enjoy living in Eastside San Jose.
I love the community of the Eastside, it is where I grew up, but it is not the safest place. There is much gang violence that occurs, and that is something I would like to see change. The Eastside is one of the most diverse places in San Jose.
I was born and raised in East San Jose. I love the neighborhood.........................................
East San Jose is a rather quaint neighborhood. Wherever you go, there's usually some life to it - unless you go pretty far out, of course. With the numerous sidewalks, it's easy to walk around, though summer heat makes it a tad troublesome.

There's plenty of things to do here, and a wide variety of cuisine. Down my street is a Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and perhaps a Hawaiian place. There's a McDonald's and Starbucks nearly right next to each other. The retirement home is nearby, so those individuals don't have to walk out too far, should they choose to do so.
I wold love if all the low income Mothers had better Resources... So are kids have better chances of life I'm a young Mom and as a young Mom its been very hard for me to accomplished better for my son more mentors so are kids don't be the next generation in prison because of young Mother hardship like myself..
The community is thriving. Students in this neighborhood can look forward to murals depicting community heroes such as Cesar Chavez and President Obama. The free range chickens running around in the neighborhood give the streets an atmosphere of familiarity. For Latinos and other minorities such as myself, it's a place we can call home, even if "home" means somewhere beyond the states.
What I enjoy about living in the Eastside of San Jose is the fact that my parents grew up in the neighborhood. In fact, we own the house my mom grew up in. We are involved in our community, and feel safe because we know our neighbors.
Housing's expensive and sometimes, you get so little at a ridiculously high price.
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The community here is diverse, friendly, and warm. On occasion, the community holds events at the local parks that bring people together and sometimes would have cancer relays or carnivals for people to participate in. The emphasis on "community" is particularly strong due to the presence of JROTC and other clubs in the area as well as the frequency of community gatherings in the area (i.e. music festivals, advertising of free health care check-ups at a local clinic).
Crime in this area tends to be mild, although occasionally unstable. Once in a while, loud bangs can be heard echoing across the neighborhood, but tend to die out after a few minutes. Vandalism and graffiti happens, but rarely does. The presence of police is slightly minimal, but not too much so expect longer response times to emergency calls. In general, the area is safe and quiet enough to live comfortably. Just expect some occasional disturbances in the neighborhood.
Despite the fluctuating crime rates, the neighborhood is generally peaceful and quiet. Most neighbors tend to their own businesses and there are local parks and fields nearby for recreational use (i.e. walking, jogging, basketball). It's very close to other schools in the area (such as Mt. Pleasant High School and August Boeger, which are close enough to walk to) and there are a wide range of opportunities that can be found nearby especially since this neighborhood lies in Silicon Valley (the area has one of the highest concentrations of jobs and opportunities in the United States).