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I think this is a very good area because its basically in the middle of everything. without traffic, the city is about 15 minutes away while the country isn't very far either. There is a lot of construction going on around here that is going to bring in a lot of new restaurants and stores. Also, there are schools ranging from elementary to high school very close together in this area.
Hwy 74 is right across the street, which makes things pretty nosy.
It's an experience. Wouldn't trade it
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The police are actively trying to keep everyone safe
I love living in Charlotte!
Not my favorite place to live.
The area I live in is okay
I've heard that we have a thief problem
The elderly are nice, but everyone else doesn't really care about making friends
I come from the south so I think tht here in NC is never too cold or too hot, it is always in between
There are some really small restaurants that are not so good. I have not seen any clubs or bars, people usually go to the downtown.
There are a lot of job opportunities but they are not life changing jobs
They are very small. Some of them make me want to go inside and take a look but some other are the opposite