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Drake is a very diverse neighborhood to live in. It houses Drake University and the surrounding area. It has a "reputation" of being unsafe. There may be some instances of uncomfortability, like homeless men going walking through your property to sift through the recycling for 5 or 10 cent return cans, drunk people walking on the streets at night, and the desperate asking for money outside Walgreens from time to time. This neighborhood is made for apartments and a lot of people live in the large houses in this neighborhood. It's extremely affordable and home owners are in the process of refurbishment - much of which has already been done. I personally enjoy the Drake neighborhood due to it's diversity, affordability, and location. In my opinion, Drake is one of the best places to live if you want to be 5 minutes away from downtown, 1-2 minutes from I-235, and a short walk from all the public events and opportunities that come from the university.
when my family of 2 children ages 3 & 5 at the time lived on 23rd close to forest. we enjoyed daily walks. we would even go up to Drake University and let the children run around late at night just to get them worn out. all of campus security knew our family. we were sad when we had to move. Drake Campus is real inviting.
I live in the drake area. It's quite for the most part. Great place for families and the fun especially around relays time!
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The crimes are usually near the neighborhood, but not in it.
This part of the neighborhood is part than some parts.
Frequent reports of violence off campus
Divide between Drake students and neighborhood
I generally feel safe in this area. My house has been burglarized and my husband's car is routinely ransacked when he parks on the street. Police have responded quickly whenever we have needed them. We have had murders in Des Moines. Reportedly gangs are located here, but not in any areas of the city where I work, worship or live
Des Moines is a safe, clean, family friendly place to live. The schools are academically challenging. Many colleges are located here and in the suburbs. Employment opportunities exist for all socioeconomic levels. It is a diverse city in that we are accepting of refugees and immigrants. The city offers nightlife as well as arts and cultural events. We have our own Symphony, ballet, choirs. Summertime offers many free festivals downtown as well as ticketed events. we have a nationally recognized state fair. We also are within driving distance of many bigger cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis and Kansas City. I would rank this area 8 out of 10. Good quality of life, but slow paced vs a bigger city.
Overall safety in Des Moines is subpar but improving
The Des Moines area is definitely young and alive
The area feels safe overall.
The Drake area has a lot of bad crimes and incidents. I usually do not feel safe late at night in Des Moines
I would not want to settle down in Des Moines. I do not like how the houses look or how small they are.
It rains a lot in Iowa especially from the month of March-late June
I am not old enough to drink but some of the restaurants in this area are okay.
A lot of the jobs in this area have very low wages and inconvenient hours.
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The malls and stores are a lot smaller than the stores in my hometown
There are several local restaurants that have great food, great environments and great customer service. I have never had a problem with a local business in Des Moines. There are also many boutiques that I love visiting throughout Des Moines.
city just elected themselves a raise. governor is trying to get state employees out and contract employees in. Governor does favors for his brother..