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Downtown San Jose is a very beautiful city. There are public transportations available that allows you to explore the city if you do not have a car. The University is surrounded by a lot of different food places which is very convenient for college students with only a 5-day meal plan or those who are just tired of eating the cafeteria food or cooking their own meals. Mexican food is not the best in San Jose as they are mostly tasteless, but I would definitely recommend trying out Asian restaurants and boba places like Pekoe. The cost of living is expensive in San Jose, and drivers can be rude and reckless. Other than that, San Jose is a great city to live in.
I was born and raised in downtown San Jose and I love it. I love how my house is in downtown and I can walk five minutes if I want to go deeper into downtown. Just watching the city lights and the palm trees is beautiful. San Jose is expensive and sometimes things are overpriced. But who doesn't want to live in the capital of Silicon Valley.
I like the variety of food and entertainment in DTSJ. I go to school at SJSU and I like being within walking distance of everything.
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I love how close everything is and that everything is in walking distance but I don’t like the amount of homelessness around the downtown area. I just wish there were more places for them to stay warm and fed.
It’s a very lively downtown. Close to many well known companies and universities. There is public transportation opportunities like Caltrain and Light Rail.
Downtown San Jose has alot of job opportunity and diversity. It is quite unsafe and the coat of living is very high.
I love downtown, it has lots of good restaurants but they shut down my favorite theater. There are lots of festivals and activities that are always going on.
I love downtown San Jose everything is within reach. The neighborhood has a lot of restaurants and night life if you like to go out. If you need to study there is the Martin Luther King Library. The real estate is expensive because of where it is located. Cost of living is very high because it is in the bay area near everything. Commuting in the Bay Area is becoming really bad and San Jose has become over crowded.
There are quite a few homeless people here and there but it is not too bad.
Quiet ghetto to live but still not as bad as main cities.
Rent is super high even the low income places are extremely expensive. Many people are renting rooms ECT. More than one family is living in a home.
Small neighborhood where I live many people know each other . Very friendly in some cases.
Living in the area were I live there it's a hot zone. Police is always around just lately there is such a high crime rate. Many murders and vandalism is high.
Santa Clara county special the bay area has many places to explore. Job opportunity is great just living in the area is expensive even living in low income places.
This area has always been great, however, over the past few years, crime rates have increased because there is a shortage of police officers in San Jose. The crime rate is not something to be too concerned about since people can still take a stroll in the early evening without being worried that they will be targeted.
This area is great since there is a lot of movement in areas like Downtown San Jose, all the tech companies throughout Silicon Valley, and the weather is amazing most of the time.
I seem to always read about crime in San Jose. Many crimes. But I have not encountered one and hope to never encounter it as long as I live in San Jose.
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Living in the heart of downtown San Jose for 2 years now. It is always an adventure everyday. The place is amazing and just beautiful specially at night.
Crime level is very high, muggings, robberies, shootings, etc. The streets are very sketchy, especially at night.
The crime level in this area is very high, there are a lot of robberies/muggings and shootings. The streets can be sketchy in certain areas and there are a lot of homeless people everywhere. However, I do like living here because of convenience (proximity to school/work/friends). I also enjoy the food options around the area.