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I like that Downtown has a lot of places to explore such as shopping malls, restaurants, food carts, etc. There is a lot of walking involved so you can exercise while you're hanging out with your friends. There is beautiful gardens such as the Lan Su garden where the inside looks reserved historical Chinese palace. There is also one of the biggest book store which is Powell's bookstore, it features many rooms full of books for nerds like me. Downtown is a great place to have fun.
I feel very safe in this city
the gaming community is great.
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The community is friendly and non-threatening.
I live in an occasionally sketchy area, but overall I feel safe.
Portland is a fantastic with incredible people, restaurants, and culture. However the gentrification in Portland has risen to ridiculous levels. People who have lived in Portland for decades are forced to move out because rent has grown too high
Safety in Portland could be better. Crime isn't bad.
Downtown Portland is very friendly and upscale.
I can hear the police, fire trucks, or ambulances running in the middle of the day or night somewhat frequently. I'm literally right next to a fire department so I feel pretty safe if there was fire in my apartment building. There are a lot of homeless people that I see walking the streets and there are quite a few people that I can notice they're either high, or drunk when I ride the street car later in the evening or at night.
I'm a bit more in favor for the sub-rural or country over being in the middle of the city. It's nice about the convenience of everything being fairly close that I could walk or take the street car. Compared to where I used to live in the small town of Roseburg Oregon, where everyone was friendly and knew just about everyone, Portland is huge, the people are a bit distant or strange. The traffic here is crazy which is one of the reason's why I'm glad I don't have a car because it's insane finding a parking spot and can get expense to keep a spot when you do find one. It's easier and cheaper to just take the multiple options of transportation offered like the street car, max, or bus.
Crime isn't really a problem here in portland, just the occasional here and there but nothing to worry about
It's college life here in downtown portland, the city is liberal
I have heard many people talk about how tight the housing market is in this city. There are a lot of people moving in and the cost of living is going up. I don't know very much about which areas are "good" or "bad" neighborhoods.
The building I live in is very large and houses many families. There are reasonable rules as far as pets go and there is a community garden that residents can participate in.
I live in a quiet part of downtown so I don't hear much about crime.
After living in Honolulu for two years, I feel so much more comfortable returning to the pacific northwest. I especially love that I live in a fairly newer urban environment. The fact that the urbanization is younger has resulted in excellent city planning. There are many pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and urban parks to encourage involvement in the outdoors.
Portland is a great city to live in. There maybe some groups of homeless trying to make a scene here and there but overall the people are nice and friendly. The public transportation is great and the food is delicious, too.
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There are a lot of cars around and it makes it unsafe sometimes when people arent following the speed limits.
There has been a drastic influx of out of state people relocating here, which has driven home prices and rental rates through the roof. Gentrification is out of control, people are experiencing no-cause evictions, and the city is dragging its feet to find solutions for affordable housing and solutions to houselessness, which has been an urgent issue for over a decade. People who have lived here for generations are being forced out of there homes to the suburbs and further. I am in a position where I am in jeopardy of not finishing school because I cannot afford housing (there is a long waitlist for often bedbug-infested student housing) but cannot move to another location to finish school at out-of-state prices. It's incredibly depressing and I wish people would stop coming here.
I love the convenience and the level of energy!