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I like living downtown because we're right behind the mall, a walk away from great restaurants and a concert venue, a train ride away from the baseball stadium, and a car ride away from the beach. Being a young married couple, all of those things are appealing but once we start looking to settle down, this area is not ideal for a family. The housing market is so expensive and jobs are scarce. For now, it works for us, but we're starting to talk more and more about building a house and starting a family and this is not the place we want to ultimately live.
I love living near the ocean. We have four seasons, so it is not hot all year, but it stays warm late into fall and we don't have much snow.
There are a lot of options for dining and recreation. However, depending on the time of night, the safety and classiness declines.
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There is a very wide gap between the upper and lower class and not a very solid middle class. Options are limited.
There is not a lot of local business in this area.
There is an average amount of crime in the area but is usually dealt with quickly. The visibility of police in the area is frequent which gives the sense of security. Though sometimes the area may feel unsafe at certain hours.
I am currently job hunting and I am only at the starting stage. I have noticed that every time I mention that I am job hunting there is always someone to help and offer me some advice on where I might be able to find a job interview.
You can find great restaurants in this area and with a great variety. Thanks to the nearby mall, which is at a walking distance and has a cheap parking lot, you can find a variety of stores from electronics to clothing and beauty. The only downside to the area is the lack of grocery stores, convenient stores and pharmacies. The grocery stores near by are a bit expensive but generally good quality.